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Leanne hosts and produces Barefoot Radio where she and other leaders, conscious practitioners, spiritual advocates and experts from all over the world share insights, wisdom, practical tips and strategies to support you in shifting and transforming limiting stories and patterns, embracing what brings you into connection with your authentic self, consciously manifest and create what you desire and grow in all things Love, Soul and Spirit. Tune into Barefoot Radio 7.30am on the first Thursday Australian EST time (Wednesday at 4.30pm US EDT time, 1.30pm Pacific time, 10pm UK time).

Note:  All rights to reproduce Leanne, The Barefoot Mediums work, including Barefoot Radio, are reserved and no parts may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission.  Where experts and guests share Barefoot Radio, components of it or any other works produced by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, they understand that this must include appropriate written and verbal acknowledgement of the copyright owner together with a link back to this website.  

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"Thank you so much Leanne for providing me with an opportunity to share my story with the world and my messages of hope to others out there that are struggling with life challenges. It was an absolute honor and pleasure chatting with you on your podcast. The format was incredible and you provided me with an amazing space to share my story" - Richie (5/5/19)

"Being on Barefoot Radio with Leanne was an absolute delight.  Leanne asked very targeted questions and kept the conversations delightfully  "conversational" allowing me to share with listeners how they can use The "Green" Technique, eat and stop themselves and take the power back from their food.  Leanne made it all easy. I would totally recommend her show to anyone who is curious and interested in easy learning experiences about challenging topics" - Sora (11/12/18)

"I loved being a guest on Barefoot radio and talking about my sacred work. An interview with Leanne feels like chatting with a friend and I would absolutely recommend it to other spiritual practitioners wanting to share their work with a wider audience in an intimate, personalised way. I’d also recommend adding Barefoot radio to your playlist to anyone looking for an easy, practical way to reconnect with soulful living" - Kim (10/10/18)

"Thank you so much! You are awesome to work with and I am excited to hear the show you did with Jamie!" - Jennifer (16/6/18)

"Thank you so much for doing your work! I had a ball connecting with you. Now I wish you lived in Australia again so we could hang out!" - Helena Nista (6th June 2018)

"Amazing time with you.  Congratulations on what you are doing"  - Jean Sheehan (8th May 2018)

"I loved being a guest on Barefoot Medium. My experience felt more like a conversation than an interview. Leanne made me feel very comfortable and the whole process flowed effortlessly!" - Rachael Thompson (10th May 2018)

Be a Guest

Leanne is always looking for dedicated experts, leaders or spiritual advisors to appear on Barefoot Radio who are willing to show up, have fun, create value for listeners as well as support them in connecting, transforming and growing in their everyday lives with Love, Soul & Spirit.  You must be willing to promote and share your episode once it airs with your audience, network, mailing-list and followers on social media as well as post comments on the show and write a short review of your experience.  All guests are asked to make a small investment of $20 to cover production, editing and marketing and as a sign of your commitment to promoting your episode and will receive the following in return:

  1. Access to Leanne's audience which includes a growing number of men and women ranging from 18-99 from various countries throughout the world

  2. Opportunity to promote your book and website during your episode and to promote YOU to her listeners and network

  3. A "Shout-Out" to her supporters, members and listeners in her monthly newsletter - exclusive tips and highlights from the show may be included

  4. Links to your Episode to share with your audience and include in your portfolio (available on Soundcloud, itunes and Stitcher)

  5. A promotional flyer to share details about your episode with your networks

  6. Promotion of your episode throughout Leanne's social media pages and various networking groups

  7. Inclusion in Leanne's network of expert guests who are her first line of recommendation for resources

  8. Opportunity to connect with Leanne's growing Facebook community via Facebook Live events (if interested let Leanne know and she will schedule a date and time)

  9. Potential for further collaboration by being a guest on Barefoot TV, webinars, tele-summits, conferences as well as hosting or co-hosting retreats

If you believe you can add value for her audience and are committed to sharing and promoting your episode with your own network, simply click on the "Buy Now" button below and then email the following information to

  • Full name, location and contact details

  • A brief bio which includes a description of your work and area of expertise as well as the topic you would like to discuss on the show

  • 2-3 sentences explaining what “connecting, transforming and growing with Love, Soul and Spirit” means to you

  • A link to your social media and/or web page with articles, blogs or insights shared with your community

  • Availability, including best days and times to record your episode


Note:  You must have access to a computer with a camera, headset/noise cancelling microphone, stable and consistent internet access.  All experts and guests participating in Barefoot Radio understand and agree to allow Leanne, The Barefoot Medium to record, distribute, and disseminate the recording in any manner she see's fit and appropriate.  All experts and guests understand that Leanne, The Barefoot Medium retains the rights to the produced media for potential future use in talks, books, and in all other public distribution (with acknowledgement of other experts content).

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