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Leanne hosts and produces Barefoot TV where she together with her guests from all over the world, share knowledge, wisdom and insights as well as practical tools and techniques to support you personally, professionally and spiritually as well as to consciously manifest all that you desire in life.  Watch episodes of Barefoot TV on the last Wednesday of each month at 7.30am Australian EST time (Tuesdays 4.30pm US EDT time, 1.30pm Pacific time, 10pm UK time).

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Great speaker. Awesome entertainment. Beautiful bold woman standing in your truth, sharing from love and authenticity - Maria Murphy (25th Jan 2019)

I really enjoyed doing this interview Leanne! You're a real pro! Thanks - James Goi Jr. (15th Nov 2018)

I loved being a guest on Barefoot TV. Leann has beautiful energy and carries much wisdom. She really understood my message and our conversation had great synergy. It was a powerful experience for me, so I suspect the audience benefited as well - Lucinda Bakken White (19th Oct 2018)

Leanne was a joy to talk with. An articulate, interested and very caring host, her concern for this very important topic and communicating it in the most effective way to her audience came through very clearly. I am looking forward to working with her further - Phil DeLuca, The UnTalk Therapist (22nd Aug 2018)

Leanne is a welcome voice in the new age field. Honest, kind, humorous and so connected, she expertly blends the worlds of logic with spiritual knowing. Her interviewing style is open-hearted and I felt very fortunate
to have been invited onto the show. It's like she can read your mind, her questions are so appropriate and engaging. Thank you Leanne, you're making the online world a cleaner, more present, place - Sarah Anderson (nee Yip) (9th Aug 2018)

I was honoured to be a part of the Barefoot TV program and your natural warmth made a nervous newbie very much at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, thank you.  I watched the episode and really enjoyed it! Thanks - Tracy Dorreboom (5th July 2018)

Thanks again for a very very pleasant experience. Anytime you want to do another show just let me know. - John McGrail (20th June 2018)

Thank you for the clarity of knowing when I am honouring my authentic self and stepping past fear to do what is light and right for me - Faith (30 April 2018)

Be a Guest

Are you an expert, leader or spiritual advisor who is willing to show up, have fun, create value for listeners as well as support them in their personal, professional and spiritual development interested in appearing on Barefoot TV as a quest?  If you must be willing to promote and share your episode with your audience, network, mailing-list and followers as well as write a short review of your experience.   A small investment of $20 to cover production, editing and marketing and as a sign of your commitment to promoting your episode will be required.  In retrun you will receive:

  1. Access to Leanne's audience which includes a growing number of men and women ranging from 18-99 from various countries throughout the world

  2. Opportunity to promote your book and website during your episode and to promote YOU to her listeners and network

  3. A "Newsletter" to her supporters, members and listeners in her monthly newsletter - exclusive tips and highlights from the show may be included

  4. Links to your Episode to share with your audience and include in your portfolio (available on YouTube)

  5. A promotional flyer to share details about your episode with your networks

  6. Promotion of your episode throughout Leanne's social media pages and various networking groups

  7. Inclusion in Leanne's network of expert guests who are her first line of recommendation for resources

  8. Opportunity to connect with Leanne's growing Facebook community via Facebook Live events (if interested let Leanne know and she will schedule a date and time)

  9. Potential for further collaboration by being a guest on Barefoot TV, webinars, tele-summits, conferences as well as hosting or co-hosting retreats

If you believe you can add value, are aligned and committed, simply click on the "Buy Now" button below and email the following information to

  • Full name, location and contact details

  • A brief bio which includes a description of your work and area of expertise as well as the topic you would like to discuss on the show

  • 2-3 sentences explaining what “connecting, transforming and growing with Love, Soul and Spirit” means to you

  • A link to your social media and/or web page with articles, blogs or insights shared with your community

  • Availability, including best days and times to record your episode

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