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Do you enjoy connecting to Spirit and your authentic self, gaining insights from others about how to transform the stories and patterns holding you back while being inspired to consciously manifest and create the life of your dreams?

Tune into Barefoot TV and Podcast Show on the last Wednesday of each month at 6.30am Australian EST time as my guest and I share insights and wisdom to help you on your journey, clarity and practical strategies you can use as you walk your path as well as guidance and inspiration to manifest your dreams!

Kick off your shoes, connect in with me and other leaders, conscious practitioners and experts from all over the world as we create a sacred container for you to connect, transform and grow on your journey with clarity, peace, ease, love and joy.

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Barefoot TV Show

Barefoot Podcast Show

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Loved this podcast Being Real and Vulnerable in Relationships) so many great insights and light bulbs ... Thankyou to you both so grateful  - Sarah (30th Sep 2020)

Thank you ,thank you ,thank you, Leanne & guest. Amazing, just amazing and validating. God bless both of you. I am truly touched deeply. (Medical Intuition Episode 56)  - Janine (5th August 2020)

Excellent video. Keep it up! Looking forward for more videos from you, don't stop! W(Growth & The Comfort Zone) - Trap (26th Feb 2020)

Brilliant interview (Being the Best Version of You), it is all about asking the right questions, be specific! Thank you for sharing your wisdom - Sophia (April 2019)

... great laugh! Thank you both for an awesome show (Universal Language 11:11) - Pippa (April, 2019)

Great speaker. Awesome entertainment. Beautiful bold woman standing in your truth, sharing from love and authenticity - Maria M (25th Jan 2019)

Great speaker. Awesome entertainment. Beautiful bold woman standing in your truth, sharing from love and authenticity (Attracting Money) - Maria (Feb 2019)

To me it’s the same at mark 20:47 . I totally resonate and feel that’s the message I am receiving since the 11:11’s plus healing and empowerment and finding your many life purposes on this planet and learning then to teach and help others transform !! (Universal Language 11:11) - Steve (Feb 2019)

Great viewing and interesting information (Twin Flame Guidance) - April (Feb 2019)

Great video . A good reminder. Thank you (Authenticity v's False Self) - Pippa (Feb 2019)

Thank you for the clarity of knowing when I am honouring my authentic self and stepping past fear to do what is light and right for me - Faith (30 April 2018)

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