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With monthly episodes, Barefoot with Spirit is one of the best ways to access valuable free channelled information from Spirit/Source/the Divine to inspire you to transform your experience, consciously manifest your desires and connect with your intuition and Spirit.

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Embracing your authentic self

Meditation and raising your spiritual vibration

Conscious awareness and mindfulness

Law of attraction and manifesting

Twin flames, soul mates and conscious relationships

Abundance and money

Connecting to your intuition, spirit guides and passed over loved ones

...and much more

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I am Leanne, The Barefoot Medium®

You may be wondering what the Barefoot thing is all about ... well I do all my work with Spirit barefoot - I came into the world without shoes and I will go out without them, so why not?  Like many of the indigenous cultures throughout the world, I believe our feet were designed to press against the Earth, they are our connection to Pachamama and allow us to be present in the moment and feel the energy shifts, transformations and what is about to manifest beneath them so you can respond accordingly.  I have taken many adventures in this lifetime (and the ones before), some easy and some more challenging, what I have discovered is that our soul continues when we leave this world and that we are here on this Earth to experience, create and love life!



Loved this podcast Being Real and Vulnerable in Relationships) so many great insights and light bulbs ... Thankyou to you both so grateful

Sarah (30/9/2020)

Leaders, Conscious Practitioners & Experts

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If you feel you have valuable information and practical strategies you can share which inspire, transform and support others and want to join me for an authentic conversation, I would love to hear from you!  Simply click on the Schedule Now button below and pick a timeslot that suits for your episode:



Once you have selected your timeslot, you will receive a confirmation email requesting further information about you and your work so we can introduce you on the show.



Thank you so much Leanne for providing me with an opportunity to share my story with the world and my messages of hope to others out there that are struggling with life challenges. It was an absolute honor and pleasure chatting with you on your podcast. The format was incredible and you provided me with an amazing space to share my story.

Ritchie (5/5/2019)

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