As an Author, Leanne is committed to writing and sharing knowledge, wisdom and guidance to support people in transforming their lives, helping others to heal and shifting into more love, joy and success in all areas of their lives as well as to understand how they can connect with and begin working with their intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities.  To date Leanne has channeled, designed and published the following books to support you in developing your psychic and mediumship abilities, your connection with Guides, Angels and loved one's in Spirit as well as learning about how to work with energy and your own spiritual gifts as well as shifting and transforming fears, limiting beliefs and patterns.   She also has a number of other books in the pipeline which will explore topics around love, romance, intimacy, soul mates and twin flames. 

Mediumship Development: Connecting with Spirit

This book Mediumship Development: Connecting with Spirit, provides you with easy, simple and practical techniques you can use to understand more about how to blend and communicate with loved one’s who have passed to Spirit through mediumship connections. It is filled with strategies to help you understand the different types of information and evidence that those in Spirit can bring through in a sitting as well as the fundamental skills necessary to be able to deliver clear accurate evidential mediumship sittings to others.  For those of you who are interested in working with Spirit, this book is intended to help you step more fully into developing your mediumship abilities and to be able to experience first-hand the privilege, honour and blessing it is to be able to reconnect people with their loved ones who have passed over.


Basics of Working with Spirit

Leanne's Psychic Development: Basics of Working with Spirit book, is the first in a series providing people with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental skills and techniques necessary to begin working with energy and Spirit.  This book is filled with practical easy to follow strategies to help people to build a solid foundation and have all the tools necessary to understand how they can enhance their physical health, emotional balance and mental well-being to work more closely with their intuition in their everyday life as well as in their psychic, mediumship work.



Fundamentos del Trabajo con el Espíritu

Desarrollo Psíquico: Los fundamentos de trabajar con el espíritu son los primeros de una serie que proporciona una comprensión profunda de las habilidades y técnicas fundamentales necesarias para comenzar a trabajar con energía y espíritu. Está lleno de estrategias prácticas fáciles de seguir para ayudar a las personas a construir una base sólida y tener todas las herramientas necesarias para entender cómo pueden mejorar su salud física, equilibrio emocional y bienestar mental para trabajar más estrechamente con su intuición en su la vida cotidiana también en su obra psíquica de mediumnidad.


Divination Tools & Techniques

In this second book in the series, Psychic Development: Divination Tools and Techniques, Leanne provides people with easy, simple and practical techniques they can use to understand more about their intuition, different tools they can use to tune in to their intuition as well as understand how information is communicated through the various senses so they can follow their inner knowing and intuition.  This book includes step-by-step processes and activities to help people connect with their Spirit Guides, perceive and read information within the aura and chakra’s as well as how they can work with different divination tools such as tarot cards, pendulums and automatic writing to gain guidance and insight into situations, events, relationships and possible opportunities for the future.



Reading the Tarot Intuitively

Leanne's Psychic Development: Reading the Tarot Intuitively book is for people who are interested in taking a practical and interactive journey to expand their intuition and psychic abilities by learning to read Tarot cards intuitively and receive guidance and insights for themselves and others.  Throughout this book, people will gain an understanding of how they can connect with the Tarot cards and intuitively understand the imagery, symbology, colours, numbers, stories, energies and much more within them so they can begin conducting readings to others in their personal and spiritual development and everyday lives.



Connecting to your Intuition

If you have been guided to this Connect to your Intuition playbook, trust it is for a purpose - you are ready to connect and work with your intuition, your soul is calling you to take a journey of personal and spiritual growth, to learn to connect with your inner guidance system with more clarity, confidence and certainty so you can receive information and discern what fits and feels right for you as well as to start developing your spiritual abilities.  This playbook also has it's own web-page with supporting video content and guided meditations to help you in connecting to and trusting your intuition.

Note:  Once you have received your book, please email for details for accessing the website containing videos and meditations to support your journey.



Shifting your Sh*t to Manifest your Dreams

Leanne’s, Shifting your Sh*t: To Achieve your Dreams book is the ultimate guide to your personal, professional and spiritual transformation and development providing you with practical tools and techniques to shift you through limiting beliefs, stories, emotions and patterns that are holding you back from manifesting your dreams, visions and goals in all areas of your life.  It contains easy to follow activities as well as practical tools and techniques you can use in your everyday life to help you stay clear and focused on your personal, professional and spiritual dreams and goals, to easily move through any obstacles or challenges and understand how to work with the Universe to stay in flow and confidently manifest positive and lasting change in all areas of their lives with ease, joy and love.



Love Alters:  A Love for All Seasons

Leanne was delighted to have been one of over 30 authors from all over the world to have contributed to a love story anthology by Michelle Tupy called Love Alters: A Love for All Seasons.  This book is a celebration of love and relationships in which people have opened their hearts and shared their stories of love—heart-warming, amusing, touching and real.

The Five Love Languages 

Relationships should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse/partner are speaking two different languages? "New York Times" bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouse's primary love language--quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. 

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