Transformation teaches you at every turn, creates space for healing, helps shift your consciousness and allows you to align with the magic of the Universe to inspire you towards manifesting your dreams and all you desire in life

Take a deep breathe into your heart .... the Universe has guided you here for a purpose.  Your Soul will always put you in the right place, at the right time, with the right people to help you create and manifest what it is that you need, want and desire in life.  You have been guided here because you have asked the Universe one or more of the following questions:

  • “What am I doing with or where am I going in life?”

  • "Why do I keep struggling and going around in circles?"

  • "What am I doing wrong?" or "What is wrong with me?"

  • "Why do I work so hard and feel like I never succeed or achieve what I want?"

  • "What is stopping or holding me back from experiencing and having all that I want in life?"

  • "Why do I keep experiencing the same problems, obstacles and challenges?"

  • "What dreams and desires have I given up on or almost given up on ever experiencing?"

  • "Why do I feel disappointed, frustrated and confused?"

  • "What or who is draining my energy?"

  • "Why do I doubt myself, lack confidence, settle or sell myself short?"

  • "What am I holding onto that is stopping me from loving or fully expressing myself?"

  • "Why do I never have enough money/love/clients?"

If you have asked any of these questions, then please know that the Universe is inviting you to have the courage to consciously manifest change in your life through a process of transformation because your dreams, visions and goals in life are important, you are worthy of having them fulfilled and you are supported along the journey to seeing them unfold in front of your eyes.

You have the ability to manifest change in yourself, others and in the environment around you, whether in your relationships, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose, spiritual development or much more.  

Follow your vision, even if others can't see it.  Your dreams were put in your heart for a reason.

Transformational Coaching Programs

These Transformational Coaching programs are available LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing or Phone (Whatsapp) and allow Leanne to bring together her spiritual gifts, cultural and spiritual practices of the mystic Kogi people with the wisdom and knowledge gathered as a result of various life experiences and over 20 years of personal, professional and spiritual expertise to fully support you in manifesting what you desire in life.  All programs are tailored to your needs, so you choose what you wish to focus on, whether it is love and relationships, career, business, finances, health and well-being, your spiritual development and life purpose or a combination of these areas and provide you with the support and guidance you need to confidently and easily manifest your dreams.  Leanne will take you through a variety of clearing, healing, visualisation, affirmation and meditation processes to help you get clear on your vision and goals, become consciously aware of any limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns sabotaging your progress. understand how to release resistance and fear so real transformation can take place.  You will also learn how to see things from a higher perspective, flow through obstacles and challenges with ease and grace as well as learn a variety of practical and powerful tools and techniques to help you direct your energy and align with what you desire so you manifest them into your reality.

If your are ready and committed to creating POWERFUL transformations and aligning more fully with your dreams, visions and goals, through a Transformational Coaching Program the following options are available either LIVE online via Zoom or via Phone for you to work one-on-one with Leanne as your guide, cheerleader and mentor:

  • Introductory Coaching Session 30 minutes $120

  • Intensive Coaching Session 2 hours $400

  • 3 Month program 12 x 1 hour sessions $1888 (a deposit of $400 is required at the time of booking followed by 3 x monthly instalments of $496)

  • 6 Month program 24 x 1 hour sessions $3666 (a deposit of $400 is required at the time of booking followed by 6 x monthly instalments of $544)

  • 9 Month Package 36 x 1 hour sessions $5111  (a deposit of $400 is required at the time of booking followed by 9 x monthly instalments of $523)

All coaching sessions are recorded for you to help you reflect on the key issues discussed and outline any actions and tasks you agree to complete between sessions.  You will also be provided with access to email/phone support from Leanne throughout the duration of your program as well as a variety of resources such as eBooks, worksheets, meditations and clearings processes to support you in aligning with and manifesting your dreams.

Once your booking has been made, you will receive a further confirmation email together with details of about how to access your online or phone Coaching session(s).

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, Barefoot Academy 2015  

ABN: 13 722 651 994