Connecting with Spirit Events

During the Connecting with Spirit (Mediumship & Channelling) events, Leanne will blend and connect with Spirit to act as the bridge between you and your loved one(s) who have passed as well as to channel wisdom and guidance from the Collective Consciousness know as Abraham.  You will have the opportunity to speak directly to your loved ones and Spirit, ask questions, receive healing as well as take home guidance and insights whether around love, relationships, twin flame or soul mate connections, work, career, business, finances, health and well-being or your spiritual development.   You will also receive practical strategies, tools and techniques to support you in manifesting what you desire and to help you embrace more joy, happiness, love, romance, intimacy, passion, money, abundance, success, health and well-being in your everyday life.  During these events you will also have time to learn about experiences with Spirit, what happens when we pass, past lives, akashic records, soul contracts, magic, shamanism, gods, goddesses, angels, archangels, Universal spiritual laws, karma, plus much much more.  Whether family members, groups of friends, a mix of both or complete strangers, no event is ever the same, with Spirit having a way of bringing people together in these intimate events for a reason, that is often only revealed once the readings are underway. 

Event Details

Leanne's Connecting with Spirit (Mediumship & Channelling) events are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Date and Time:  To be advised

  • Venue:  To be advised

Investment & Bookings

Investment:  $45 per person (pre-paid)

Bookings:  Essential!  To reserve your space in the next Connecting with Spirit (Mediumship & Channelling) event and experience the loving energy and transformational power of Spirit, kick off your shoes and book using the BUY NOW button below. 

Once your booking has been received you will be sent an email confirmation containing full details for the next Connecting with Spirit (Mediumship & Channelling) event.

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