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Leanne's Sacred Flames Alignment Sessions and Programs are offered worldwide for those of you who are ready to create powerful transformation and change around love, relationships and intimacy so you can come into Divine Union and create healthy loving relationships in your life.  Being a Twin Flame herself, Leanne understands how past relationships, limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns and fear can create resistence and hold you back from experiencing healthy loving connections.  Throughout these sessions and programs you will receive a combination of channelled insights from the Divine, processes and practices used by the indigenous Kogi people in South America as well as practical tools and techniques gathered in over 40 years of personal and professional experience.  Whether you are single wanting to attract a loving partner, are in a soul mate or karmic relationship or you are navigating the Twin Flame journey, these sessions and programs are intended to help you heal and transform so you can embody the Divine and spark the Sacred Flame within you.

Sacred Flames Alignment Session


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Sacred Flames Group Coaching Program