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Leanne is the Executive Director of Barefoot Academy (a registered Training Provider with the International Institute of Contemporary Therapies) which aims to support you in all your personal, professional and spiritual development needs.  All courses are Internationally certified and recognised in over 27 countries throughout the world bringing you a high standard of learning, professionalism and recognition for all graduates.

Courses & Masterclasses

For those interested in gathering knowledge, wisdom, tools and techniques to support you in your personal, professional and spiritual development, Leanne offers the following internationally certified Spiritual Development courses and Masterclasses:


Upon successful completion of these courses, you will receive certification and be eligible for Student Membership and access to Worldwide Insurance with International Institute of Contemporary Therapies (IICT)​.

Teacher Certification

Leanne's Teacher Certification programs provide you with the knowledge, skills and accreditation you need to be able to host and teach your own internationally certified meditation and development circles, personal and spiritual development courses as well as Masterclasses whether in-person or online.  The following courses are currently available for Teacher Certification:

Upon successful completion of your Teacher Certification, you will be certified as a Master Teacher in this area with Barefoot Academy and be eligible for professional recognition, Full Membership and access to Worldwide Insurance with International Institute of Contemporary Therapies (IICT)​.

Sacred Soul Webinars

In these LIVE Sacred Soul Webinars you will be taken on a journey to consciously manifest your dreams through a process of transformation and to step into conscious relationship and sacred union with yourself, your partner, family, friends and the Divine.  You will receive knowledge, wisdom and insights around how you can work with the Universal energies to transform stories and patterns holding you back so you can experience powerful shifts, transformations and change that allow you to confidently manifest the vision for their life that your soul needs, wants and desires.  Whether you want to experience a shift and transformation around love, relationships, family, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path, kick off your shoes and join Leanne, The Barefoot Medium ® for her next Sacred Soul Webinar.  

Manifesting Mastermind

The Manifesting Mastermind is an exclusive online monthly group coaching program guided and facilitated by Leanne that provides you with the opportunity to flow and intuitively move with the Universal energies to shift, transform and change what it is you are experiencing in your life by focusing your energy and attention in the direction of your dreams, visions and goals.  

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