Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere - Chinese proverb

The courses offered through Barefoot Academy are offered through self-paced video classes, online and in-person courses, certification courses as well as online intensive programs and are professionally designed, developed and delivered to ensure you are nurtured, supported and inspired to reach your full potential as you learn, grow and develop spiritually.

Grow through Courses

As a natural Medium, Psychic and Empath, Leanne has developed a variety of self-paced video courses, online and in-person courses, certification courses as well as online intensive programs which incorporate over 40 years of knowledge, wisdom and experience in working with Spirit to support you in learning how to:

  • Connect with your intuition

  • Manage your empathic abilities

  • Meditate and lift your spiritual vibration

  • Connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides

  • Read the Tarot intuitively

  • Use tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, automatic writing and psychometry to deliver Psychic readings to others

  • Blend, connect and communicate with loved ones who have passed over to deliver Mediumship readings to others

Upon completion of any course through Barefoot Academy, you will be issued with a certified of completion.  For those interested in working in the spiritual field as professional Psychics and/or Mediums, Leanne offers a number of courses that provide you with the opportunity to be certified and tested to ensure you are genuine, accurate, respectful and meet professional and ethical standards.

Transform your Money Story

Online Course - Available on demand

Knowledge is life with wings - William Blake

Grow in Webinars

In these LIVE Webinars you will be taken on a journey to consciously manifest your dreams through a process of transformation and to step into conscious relationship and sacred union with yourself, your partner, family, friends and the Divine.  You will receive knowledge, wisdom and insights around how you can work with the Universal energies to transform stories and patterns holding you back so you can experience powerful shifts, transformations and change that allow you to confidently manifest the vision for their life that your soul needs, wants and desires.  Whether you want to experience a shift and transformation around love, relationships, family, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path, kick off your shoes and join Leanne, The Barefoot Medium® for her next Sacred Soul Webinars.  

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning - Brad Henry

Mediumship Teacher Certification

If you have been working in the spiritual field as a professional Psychic and/or Medium and you have been invited by Spirit to step further into your journey of guiding, supporting and helping others by hosting and teaching your own students, then you have been guided here for a reason.  With over 25 years experience designing, developing and delivering courses at Universities, to corporate clients and teaching her own clients, Leanne provides you with the opportunity to become a Mediumship Teacher who has been certified and tested to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to deliver mediumship courses accurately, respectfully and to meet professional and ethical standards.  If you are willing to commit to working with Spirit in your role as a mediumship teacher, to learn and grow personally, to building and growing your spiritual business as well as to developing and improving your own mediumship in ways that are accurate, respectful and meet professional and ethical standards, then kick of your shoes and join Leanne for this Mediumship Teacher certification course.


Grow through Mastermind Group

The Manifesting Mastermind is an exclusive online monthly group coaching program guided and facilitated by Leanne that provides you with the opportunity to flow and intuitively move with the Universal energies to shift, transform and change what it is you are experiencing in your life by focusing your energy and attention in the direction of your dreams, visions and goals.  


Thank you doesn’t do justice for what you and the Mediumship Masterclass have done for me, not only from a professional viewpoint, but personal growth as well. I will admit there were a couple of weeks, I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t give up, but your absolute faith in my ability to move through it was enough to keep me in class and working on it.  I have gone from feeling like the “weird one” who doesn’t know what is happening when voices and visions come through, to knowing my connection to Spirit and being able to work with them. I am no longer the weird one, but the blessed one.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for holding space when it was difficult, thank you for showing up for me both inside and outside class, thank you for taking the time to check in with me when things got crazy on my journey, thank you for developing and teaching this course, thank you for trusting and honouring your connection with Spirit, which has allowed you to teach me the tools and techniques to trust and honour Spirit too! You rock Leanne! Thank you.

Amanda (3rd September 2019)

The Mediumship Masterclass with Leanne is undoubtedly one of the very best available, if you are looking to not only learn the subjects within this but to also grow personally this is the course for you. I have grown and changed so much since beginning, I am so whole heartedly grateful for the opportunity to do it, Leanne's guidance is priceless and her teaching methods are amazing! Having the other beautiful souls to work with within the private facebook group was so great, we supported each other and cheered each other on in every way we could, not to mention the amount of uncontrollable laughter at times as Leanne and spirit worked with us all through our own personality style and creating the perfect space to grow our relationship with spirit and with ourselves. Thank you so very much Leanne for everything and I look forward to integrating all I have learned then coming back for the next stage of my growth.

Sam (10th September 2019)

​I am incredibly thankful to you. If left on my own I doubt I would have pushed through my shit or perhaps taken me a decade longer..lol.  I am forever thankful and grateful for you in my life.  Have just done my first professional read and have my first face to face on Saturday morning. Feeling great and so motivated. You are amazing.

Tracy (25th June 2018)

Leanne’s Mediumship Course has given me everything that I need to elevate my psychic and mediumship skills to a professional level. The course is incredibly comprehensive, covering many different topics preparing you to take on personal one on one sittings. The course includes ethical responsibility, understanding grief, strengthening your connection to spirit and methods to deliver quality evidential readings that are authentic and loving. Emphasis is placed upon your own personal spiritual goals and valuable individual feedback and guidance throughout the course, tailoring your learning to your own spiritual ambitions.  I can’t thank Leanne enough for designing such an amazing course and being so dedicated to my personal growth and development.

Lauren (27th Jun 2017)

I love the ease of the course pace and setting plus the ever ongoing support from Leanne. Leanne is always there for advice and the feedback has helped me shift things and get out of my own way. Leanne is so approachable and caring which makes you feel so safe and secure when opening yourself up.   I thoroughly enjoyed level 1 and felt it covered the basics needed to get started without over complicating things. Awesome!

Tracy (20th March 2017)

Loved experiencing the different kinds of modalities to receive information: pendulum, automatic writing, tarot, remote viewing and psychometry.  Learning what I work well with and opening my knowledge base further.  My greatest learning through this level is connecting with my Guides and setting intentions with them for our working relationship.  Leanne you create a safe space that allows me to express and experience my spiritual self.  I feel confident in my growing knowledge as a psychic medium and fulfilling my life's purpose.  Thank you

Faith (14th May 2016)

I have just completed Leanne's Foundations of Mediumship Course. I was a little anxious when I signed up to do the course as I wasn't really sure what to expect. All I can say is that I am so pleased that I took the leap. Leanne provided a safe and nurturing, creative and solid yet light space to learn and be guided. I have been on my 'kind of' personal growth journey for a while now but this course has made it all begin to fit for me for real. I am very empathetic and I have struggled with boundaries and trust within myself for many years. Now I am more present in my own life and present to those around me with a new found awareness of much needed boundaries, and all while nurturing and learning to tune into my intuition. Thank you Leanne ..... So appreciative for your shared wisdom and guidance! Forever grateful and looking forward to continuing my journey with you Deb (22nd May 2016)

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