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Embracing your Inner Goddess...

Sometimes the last thing you feel like is a Goddess as life can become demanding, stressful and filled with responsibilities leaving you feeling stretched, overwhelmed and like your needs are not important.   

Your inner goddess is your guiding light, the force within who enables you to surrender to the ebbs and flows of life, enables you to fee confident, sassy and brings more love, passion, sensuality and playfulness into your everyday experience.  As you embrace your inner goddess, you will not only accept and love yourself exactly as you are, you will also connect more fully to your intuition as well as improve and attract the relationships and partnership you desire.

In this LIVE webinar you will be taken on a journey to consciously connect with and Embrace your Inner Goddess as you receive channelled wisdom and insights to support you to become the best version of yourself and live your life to the fullest. 

In this 2 hour Embracing your Inner Goddess Webinaryou will:

barefoot 14.jpg

Learn how to connect with your inner goddess, your infinite source of love

Become consciously aware of how you feel as a woman and how your intuition can help guide you as you flow with the challenges and opportunities in your everyday life

Understanding how you can set yourself free from any limiting beliefs, emotions and fears holding you back from fully accepting yourself as a woman

Strategies to help you claim back and stand in your own power and confidence

Understand the importance of setting healthy boundaries in ALL areas of your life so you no longer have to be everything to everyone


Learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy and embrace your sensuality (curves and all)

I trust if you have been guided here, you are ready to embrace your beauty, feel more confident, sassy and sexy in your everyday life!

Kick off your shoes and sign-up below to join Leanne and special guest presenter Julie Cardillo for the next Embracing your Inner Goddess Webinar at 6.30pm on Wednesday 1st December 2021 (AEST, Brisbane time) for only $55AUD:

Once you have signed-up you will receive a further confirmation email within 48 hours containing full details about accessing the Embracing your Inner Goddess Webinar.  

Note:  To convert to your local currency check out the Online Currency Converter.   By signing up for this event with Leanne, The Barefoot Medium you understand that you may be asked to provide testimonials (written or video) which can be used for promotional purposes.

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