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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Events & Webinars

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Mediumship & Channeling Events

Leanne’s Barefoot with Spirit:  Mediumship and Channeling Events provide you with the opportunity to experience the loving energy and transformational power of Spirit as she connects the living with those who have passed.

During these events, Leanne will connect with Spirit to bring through confirmation and evidence that the soul continues after we leave this world, receive healing as well as guidance and clarity around work, career, business, finances, love, relationships, twin flame or soul mate connections, health and well-being or your spiritual development.

These 2 hour events, provide a beautiful opportunity to experience first-hand the privilege, honor and gift to be able to communicate with loved ones who have passed as well as support to move forward in various areas of life while in a safe, supportive and intimate environment. 

Details coming soon

Mirror of the Soul® Manifesting Events

These Mirror of the Soul® Manifesting Events will take you on a unique journey of exploration and transformation where you will connect into your Soul Mirror to experience quick shifts and transformations so you can begin consciously aligning with the Universe and manifesting what you desire in life

Whether you are at a crossroads, have come across an obstacle, challenge, or you are struggling and feeling stuck, confused or disconnected, experiencing resistance or doubting yourself, these events provide you with the time and space you need to receive knowledge, wisdom, tools and practical techniques as well as support and encouragement you need to stay focused and bring your dreams into reality.

Details coming soon
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