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Flames of Love ...

LIVE Webinar

In this Valentine Day special 2 hour LIVE Flames of Love webinar Leanne will take you on a journey of exploration to dig deep and connect more with self, discover how you can actively invite love into your life or back to the table and create long-lasting healthy relationships where you consciously choose love each day.


When it comes to navigating relationships, whether you are single or in partnership with another, many people struggle, feel confused, disappointed or go around in circles wasting valuable time and energy trying to figure out how to actually create healthy loving connections where they receive what they need, want and deserve.


Throughout this webinar you will receive profound insights and channelled guidance to help you shift your understanding of intimate relationships, be taken through an awakening process to open your heart and ignite the flames of love so you align with and start choosing to experience healthy safe loving connections in your life!

Ready to ignite the

flames of love

in your life?

Kick off your shoes & join me at 9am on Saturday 10th February 2024 (AEST, Brisbane Australian time)! 

This 2 hour Flames of Love Webinar is guided by Spirit and will help you:

Become conscious of your dreams, visions and desires around love, intimacy and relationships

Understand how you can deepen your connection to yourself, partner, and others as well any soul mate or twin flame partnerships

Gain insights into how you can open up, embrace and consciously choose to invite love to easily and naturally show up and flow to you


Learn how to how let go of the baggage from the past, move past challenges, problems and invite love back to the table in your relationships

Become aware of the core needs in relationships that allow you to give and receive the love and support you desire so you thrive in your life

Understand how you can align with and start attracting in a partner and a healthy loving relationship that allows you to be all of who you are, your authentic self

Plus much more ...


Note:  If you are unable to attend LIVE, a recording will be made available for you to watch back afterwards.

Ready to embrace

healthy relationships

in your life?

Kick off your shoes & join me at 9am on Saturday 10th February 2024 (AEST, Brisbane Australian time) for only $55AUD:

Note: All prices quoted are in AUD dollars.  To convert to your local currency check out the Online Currency Converter.

Once your booking has been received you will be sent an email confirmation containing full details about how you can access the Flames of Love Webinar.

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