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Foundations of Mediumship ...

Level 1 Course


This Foundations of Mediumship (Level 1) Course is for those of you interested in learning how to work with energy and create strong foundations on which to develop your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities so you understand how you work best and the most effective way you can begin to connect with Spirit.  

Throughout this course you will learn how to tap into the aura, chakras and energy bodies, practical skills and techniques to help you ground, cleanse and protect your energy as well as understand how to become more consciously aware in your every day life.  You will also understand the difference between intuition and ego, how to set healthy boundaries and learn practical skills to help you trust your intuition as well as receive information from Spirit through your various senses.

In this Foundations of Mediumship (Level 1) Course you with:

Gain an understanding of the power of intention when working with energy and Spirit


Learn about the different sizes, shapes, colours, energy patterns and vibrations in the human aura


Understand the importance of grounding, cleansing and protecting the aura to help you remain present and conscious of information being received from Spirit

Gain an understanding of the different ways energy can flow through the chakras as well as how to balance and maintain healthy energy flow


Explore practical tools and techniques to help you connect your heart (intuition) and head (ego) so you can hear your intuition and Spirit more easily


Discover how you can become more consciously aware and present to your thoughts, emotions and actions to help with your spiritual development


Learn about the different ways you can begin to raise your vibration to improve your connection to Spirit

Understand the different ways Spirit can communication with you through your heightened senses known as the 'Clair's'


Learn how you can create and maintain healthy boundaries in your everyday life to support your spiritual development


​No previous experience or knowledge of energy or Spirit is required to undertake this course, however, it requires you to commit to completing a variety of exercises and activities to support you in developing your understanding and practice what you are learning to consistently create solid foundations for working with Spirit.

If you are ready to create solid foundations for knowing how you work with energy as well as for your healing, psychic and mediumship work, then join me for my Foundations of Mediumship (Level 1) course!


Kick off your shoes and Sign-Up below to my Foundations of Mediumship course for only $395AUD and receive instant access to:

8 x Foundations of Mediumship (Level 1) modules

1 x Basics of Working with Spirit eBook

1 x Foundations of Mediumship (Level 1) Workbook

Guided Meditations 

Self-healing, energy care practices and intuitive development exercises, processes and practical activities

Practical experience and individual feedback on strengths and areas for improvement

1 x 30 minute Spiritual Assessment conducted with Leanne on completion

Optional access to additional support through one-on-one consultation anytime at an additional hourly rate to facilitate your journey​

Lifetime access to the workshops, meditations and recordings

Once you have completed your sign-up, you will receive instant access together with a further email confirmation containing full details about how to access your Foundations of Mediumship (Level 1) course. 

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