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Reading Testimonials ...

​In my experience, you are one of the world's best psychic mediums!!  Darlin', the stuff you brought through for me personally, there was no way you could have known.  And professionally, the way you work with such integrity - it's a no brainer.


Thank you for facilitating the ‘gift’ of deep grief to be released with a new grace and understanding of how to be in it, and on earth in this time of creative chaos.  All held in my new understanding and insights you shared.  Only to re-in force the gift of your work. Lovely to meet your gentle be-ing!


You blew my mind with such specific details regarding a friend of mine that had passed, details that only people present at the time would have known.  I cannot thank you enough for your time, love and compassion, for holding the space and helping me to connect to myself and my loved ones. Amazing!


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading. It was one of the most emotional experiences of my life.  You were so spot on, so absolutely beautiful in the way you showed your emotion and it was just an amazing experience - one I will never forget!


Thank you for my amazing reading today. I came in today with a heavy heart and feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in my life. I immediately felt a connection with you and I feel like I found myself at peace with myself, my life and my future going forward.  Thank you it was an absolutely blessing to meet you and I am eternally grateful.

Kelly V

I've had a number of readings with Leanne, with good reason, she is a fantastic medium! Leanne is an extremely gifted beautiful medium who has bought the opportunity for growth, release and connection through her readings. I waited 30 years for my Dad - who passed while I was quite young - to connect, and when he did, it was emotional to say the least. Leanne bought clear, accurate information through from him, even identifying one of my children which Dad guided her was so very much like him. Unbelievably accurate! Thank you.


Thank you for that session, it was so beautiful and full of love. I will work on what you said to me. I feel so in the right path now.


I just wanted to thank you again for today.  I was worried about spending the money, but it was more than worth it.  We both needed to talk to you and you’ve helped both of us immensely.


Thank you so much for a positive and detailed reading! The reading eased off my worries.  I like your approach to answer a question by tackling it from all angles.  It focused both on my present and future.  Also, it provided me with tools to make changes and live my truth by making decisions using free will.  The message was delivered beautifully and gracefully.  It lifted my spirit and gave me hope for my issue/situation.


I had never reached out to a medium before and I was very sceptical, didn't know what to expect and I'm not much of a big believer. I took a leap of faith. Leanne was just the most loving and understanding person, she just talked to me and helped me clear up my mind with help from my spirit guides who seemed to be asking me really pivotal questions. Mom communicated a little at the end and it was heart warming to feel her presence. The session was genuine, honest, and I felt like Leanne had my best interest at heart. I enjoyed it, and will book again.


Thank you so much for finding the time to talk to me.  I haven’t purposely sought out anyone for reassurance when it comes to Lewis {Marnell, Australia's legendary skateboard master) because I know he would point me in the right direction when the time was right.  And as always my time here in Qld has provided me with the head & heart space to reflect & heal.  I received not one, but 2 journals from my nephew & his partner, for xmas, with no apparent prompting, so my writing Journey has begun, my healing & growth, spiritual mental & emotional are all being aided by my angels, my loved ones and the special ones I meet by chance. 


Leanne has the most incredible gift. The way in which she communicates with our loved ones has to be experienced to appreciate her very special abilities.  Thank you Leanne, you were kind, compassionate and sensitive.  You helped both my husband and I with our grief, and also helped us find direction when we were lost.  Sending much love and gratitude your way.


I think the best way I can describe my experience with Leanne is she is the ultimate healers healer! As an energy healer, counsellor and psychic medium myself, I felt I was across all the tools and healing I needed. But the truth is, despite 10 years of self enlightenment work and many modalities of healing I was out of balance and couldn’t get to the root of why.   Leanne blew me away by getting to the crux of what I couldn’t see for myself and instantly shifting it! By helping me see from a new perspective  areas I thought I had already done all the work on and healed, we unlocked the closed door that was keeping my energy stuck and stopping me from embracing my dreams and desires!  So much has shifted and I am so grateful for the amazing work Leanne does!! It has improved every aspect of my already wonderful life and empowered me where I knew I wanted a shift but couldn’t seem to enact it.  Thank you Leanne: you are truly gifted and I think every spiritual worker/healer could benefit from your wonderful healing and wisdom!  With so much gratitude and love


I just wanted to thank you, so much, for the Spirit Baby reading. I have never had a reading resonate so very much before; it was truly amazing. I feel so rejuvenated, knowing my babies will come, when the time is right!


This was my first Baby spirit reading and I'm so happy I have done it. It dispelled my fears and made me more calm. It was so lovely to have a chance to connect with my spirit babies but also with souls of my loved ones. The way you described them I have no doubts that they were really present. I'm looking forward to having one more reading once my second baby is conceived.


It was my first ever Spirit Baby Reading. I had read a couple of books on spirit babies and listened to some podcasts but never gotten a reading as I'm single and for many years had decided not to have children.  But in the recent two years I felt myself nudged into a different direction than what I had in mind so I decided to look into getting a proper Spirit Baby reading. Thing is, there aren't many readers offering this and I truly believe the divine led me to Leanne. It was a great pleasure to have a session with her! She is such a wise, understanding and kind soul. She gently transcribes to you the info she receives from the spirit babies - their characteristics, how important it is to them for you to live your best/ authentic self etc. The whole reading is centred on unconditional love - you feel it deep in your soul throughout the session. This reading deepened my insight and understanding of spirit babies and my soul self. Looking forward to another follow up session in time to come! My deepest gratitude to Leanne for this amazing and life changing experience!


Leanne read for me, but when I booked in, I forgot to ask for what I wanted, which was a spirit baby reading. I wanted that, I didn't ask for it, and I got it anyway.  I felt so connected and in contact with Leanne.  The precision of your reading left me with warm chills.  I felt so empowered to connect with the spirits of my ancestors whom I love and miss.  I felt so empowered to be faced with my baby spirit, and precious one, I can't wait til we meet in this realm. I would have another reading in a heart beat, and I hope you do too. 


Leanne, Thank you for sharing your time, energy and the spirit space with me to work through some of the energetic blocks that I had. Whilst I knew they were there, I was having trouble articulating what they were and didn't know how to shift them. The messages you shared with me were personal, supportive and empowering - they really resonated. Some straight away as we were talking -  and others, which I came to understand as I reflected on our reading. I enjoyed connecting with my passed over loved ones and with the little souls I have around me. The affirmations you gave me have really helped me to feel centered and connected.  I look forward to a follow up reading with you in the future.


Thank you so much for your Spirit Baby reading. You made so much sense to me and I honestly felt that you could read my most inner thoughts. Just incredible.  I have read my notes several times over and am trying to take everything onboard and practice what you have taught me.  These affirmations will be great and I shall start them today.  Thank you so much, I am still blown away by your absolute talent and your kind, loving and gentle way. I feel so much happier and more positive since we spoke.  Thank you and I certainly hope to call you with great news soon.


Once again, thank you for the insight  during our session. My husband and I had a lot to talk about after my session with you that really helped us process a lot of things in regards to our family and what we want to see bloom out of it. Inna


Coaching Testimonials ...

Leanne's coaching is clear, conscious and genuine, she has a natural gift with supporting and guiding you to your truth.  From releasing your old patterns of thinking and beliefs around things that are holding you back in love, relationships, business and yourself, what we sometimes don’t realise that they all merge and blend into one another and if one if these things is out of balance then most likely all the other  are as well.  You have to be willing to do the work, the ugly hard stuff, that stuff we all like to hide deep within, that stuff that we hope that will just “go away” by itself , if we leave it long enough.  But guess what, it will keep showing itself until you are ready to face it.  Leanne guides you with her gently nature and humour, her expertise , knowledge and wisdom  in the many areas of her life, displaying huge variety of her business skillset from start ups to large corporations.  She has helped me with so much in my life always a gentle and honest ego check in - and will also give you a kick up bum (so to speak) and call you out on your patterns if she observes it appearing again if you cannot see it for yourself.  I am now more aligned and taking steps in my life that are more vibrationally matched from a different perspective and understanding of how it all works.  All areas are now flourishing and I have a deeper understanding of myself and were I wasn’t aligning myself and my business  from the distractions that sometimes I placed on myself but more so from the distractions and energy from others as well.  I am forever grateful for Leanne and she has held me in the most messy days and kept me on track, therefore the accountability and healing being back in my own hands.  We have laughed, cried and and been truely transparent in where I was in the different stages of my coaching.  I absolutely cannot wait for the opportunities, and opening of doorways, my new way of life and living, looking at my growth and love and where it ripples out in all areas is totally exciting for me with the endless possibilities.  You truly are one of a kind.  So if you are looking for big changes and are willing to do the inner work, this is the coaching for you!!


My first experience at group couching with Leanne's VIP Mirror of the Soul Course has been fantastic! I was sure, in the beginning that it was the right choice for me, but also apprehensive about sharing all my sh*t and business with almost complete strangers. One of the most treasured gifts i have received from doing this course is finding another part of my tribe. Leanne and our fellow course participants created such a warm, welcoming, loving and healing space during our 6 weeks that, in some ways it was a huge disappointment when the last week finally came around as i had come to truely love connecting with these ladies each session and helping support us all through our challenges, learnings and massive insights. I have learnt so much during 6 weeks and will continue to do so as i utilise the tools and skills Leanne has empowered me with to further move myself towards my authentic self and turn all my dreams and desires into my reality. I highly recommend Leanne and her course for anyone committed to creating real change in their life no matter the area of focus. I can not wait until my next opportunity to connect with Leanne and my tribe!


I booked in transformational coaching sessions with Leanne. we set goals for me to achieve .I achieved every single of them .working with Leanne as given me a different perspective on life in positive loving way.  Leanne is authentic and gave so much love and support to reach my goals .  Thankyou Leanne


When I first met Leanne, I had no direction, strained relationships, poor money habits, unhealthy attitude towards food and nutrition and was experiencing guilt, grief and was doubting myself and my spiritual abilities, I knew something had to change.  The program bought me the opportunity to heal deep suppressed wounds, get to the bones of my money issues and to reset my goals in line with my true desires. Leanne knows her stuff ... Leanne's magnetism is unbelievable, she is honest and supportive, going the extra mile to ensure you are ok and moving towards what you want in life.  If you want to change your life, if you want tools to continue to use throughout life, if you want to make meaningful lasting changes this is where it's!


I reached out to Leanne during a very unsettling and challenging period in my life for coaching to help me navigate each challenge as it presented. Leanne brought such a grounding and calm presence to me with each session we had. Her guidance, compassion and intuition were invaluable to me during this time and I'm so grateful to have had her to help me remain calm, focused, safer within myself and with the knowing I was truly supported. I would highly recommend Leanne to anyone who is looking to move through any obstacles or blockages, or needs some clarity and focus on any situations in their life


This is my third session with Leanne, each session has a unique angle to it and  whilst I value all her work I particularly value the coaching sessions and the way she guides me through the sessions rather than the way I think I should go! 


Anyone who is thinking of taking up a Coaching program with Leanne you won't be disappointed!  Leanne is not only an awesome Soul but an amazing teacher.  I have been working with her in a tailored personal and spiritual coaching program to develop my psychic and mediumship abilities while at the same time letting go of patterns holding me back so I can be more confident.  I have been nothing short of blown away with how I have moved forward personally and with my readings as a result.


I knew, I wasn’t on the path I was supposed to be taking because my life felt like I was stuck. I’d lost my link to my life’s purpose and to my passion for work, home, growth, dreams and my soul’s growth.  I’d been to Leanne for readings, my 6-monthly catch up with upstairs, before committing to a coaching program.  Leanne adapted to my needs, confronted my world-view and helped me to reconnect with my soul’s purpose.  I’m still on that journey and hope to be for a good few years, now I am working on what I love doing, what drives me and what I am passionate about.  I’m living and focusing on what matters.  I forgot to mention is the best bit – the spirit team behind Leanne.  Enjoy the journey.  Spirit’s brought you here and they have a plan for your growth too.


Leanne tailored coaching sessions to fit my busy life style. With three small children she gave me techniques I could use daily to ground myself, protect myself against taking on other people's energy and so much more.  For me to clear some blockages I had to go through some very emotional places and Leanne handled this with the utmost care and compassion.  I have been so inspired watching Leanne work, having her be a major stepping stone in my spiritual development has been wonderful.  I am so excited to continue with her guidance and highly recommend anyone to get in touch today.


Courses Testimonials ...

Thank you Leanne for your Connecting with your Soul Mirror course. The practices you talked about are what I've been doing, teaching, researching and as a professional energy rebalancing practitioner of many modalities for decades but ... health issues have made it difficult to reconnect to what used to keep me well and vital. Your course reminded me of some of those approaches that had become overshadowed in my fight for survival. Blessings to you always.


Thank you doesn’t do justice for what you and the Mediumship course have done for me, not only from a professional viewpoint, but personal growth as well. There were a couple of weeks, I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t give up, but your absolute faith in my ability to move through it was enough to keep me working on it.  I have gone from feeling like the “weird one” who doesn’t know what is happening when voices and visions come through, to knowing my connection to Spirit and being able to work with them. I am now the blessed one.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for holding space when it was difficult, thank you for showing up for me, thank you for taking the time to check in with me when things got crazy on my journey, thank you for developing and teaching this course, thank you for trusting and honouring your connection with Spirit, which has allowed you to teach me the tools and techniques to trust and honour Spirit too! You rock Leanne!


The Mediumship course with Leanne is undoubtedly one of the very best available, if you are looking to not only learn the subjects within this but to also grow personally this is the course for you. I have grown and changed so much since beginning, I am so whole heartedly grateful for the opportunity to do it, Leanne's guidance is priceless and her teaching methods are amazing! Having the other beautiful souls to work with within the private facebook group was so great, we supported each other and cheered each other on in every way we could, not to mention the amount of uncontrollable laughter at times as Leanne and spirit worked with us all through our own personality style and creating the perfect space to grow our relationship with spirit and with ourselves. Thank you so very much Leanne for everything and I look forward to integrating all I have learned then coming back for the next stage of my growth.


I am incredibly thankful to you. If left on my own I doubt I would have pushed through my shit or perhaps taken me a decade longer ... lol.  I am forever thankful and grateful for you in my life.  Have just done my first professional read and have my first face to face on Saturday morning. Feeling great and so motivated. You are amazing.


Leanne’s Mediumship Course has given me everything that I need to elevate my psychic and mediumship skills to a professional level. The course is incredibly comprehensive, covering many different topics preparing you to take on personal one on one sittings. The course includes ethical responsibility, understanding grief, strengthening your connection to spirit and methods to deliver quality evidential readings that are authentic and loving. Emphasis is placed upon your own personal spiritual goals and valuable individual feedback and guidance throughout the course, tailoring your learning to your own spiritual ambitions.  I can’t thank Leanne enough for designing such an amazing course and being so dedicated to my personal growth and development.


I love the ease of the course pace and setting plus the ever ongoing support from Leanne. Leanne is always there for advice and the feedback has helped me shift things and get out of my own way. Leanne is so approachable and caring which makes you feel so safe and secure when opening yourself up.   I thoroughly enjoyed level 1 and felt it covered the basics needed to get started without over complicating things. Awesome!  


Loved experiencing the different kinds of modalities to receive information: pendulum, automatic writing, tarot, remote viewing and psychometry.  Learning what I work well with and opening my knowledge base further.  My greatest learning through this level is connecting with my Guides and setting intentions with them for our working relationship.  Leanne you create a safe space that allows me to express and experience my spiritual self.  I feel confident in my growing knowledge as a psychic medium and fulfilling my life's purpose.  Thank you


Retreat Testimonials ...

 The Mirror of the Soul 1 Day Retreat with Leanne, was a truly incredible life changing day.  Over the past few years, I have actively been 'working' on myself, healing after so many experiences in my life. However, in all the years I have been reading books, taking courses, attending workshops and retreats, I have never had an experience such as I had on this retreat.  The shift and transformation I went through was something I have never felt before, Leanne tapped into the very part of me that needed to be released in order for me to move forward and live my life.  After nearly 50 years, the breath that I took felt whole. The anxiety I have always felt in my life left my body. I have stopped biting my nails and I am now breathing deeply, no longer afraid 'to breathe'.  I received amazing messages from Leanne, and the energy created within the group provided the love and support needed to really, truly honour ourselves and be honest without the fear of judgement.  This 1 day retreat was a life changing day, so many things in my life have changed since, especially the way I am in the world and the way I react differently to certain situations and people.  Thank you again Leanne for providing the space, knowledge, wisdom and support to finally heal and embrace life. 


Thank you Thank you Thank you for reminding me of my truth and that I am worthy of being adored.  Working with the adoring vibration picked me up and swept me away have had a magic whirl wind 24 hours bouncing in many circles feeling adored and supported and having fun yeah!


Wow! What an epic day of learning, healing, growing! Leanne and Jules facilitating the Mirror of the Soul 1 Day Retreat and holding space in such a beautifully grounded, respectful and compassionate way made me feel incredibly safe, something I really needed to feel in order to be open and vulnerable and trust the process.  They explained the processes involved every step of the way, gave clarity, insights  and new perspectives on specific situations and patterns we were each facing and they did it in such a beautiful and simple to understand way, making it so much easier to land and process what was being said. I know it has created a huge shift within me and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a participant. 


I was blessed with an opportunity to attend my first ever retreat with the amazing and very talented, Leanne, in November 2014. The location and atmosphere was absolutely divine. I immediately felt safe and protected, which allowed me the space I needed to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I learnt so much and those gifts of knowledge have allowed me to connect with my guides, remove long term blockages and develop my mediumship in ways I never thought possible.  It's such a worthwhile experience in such beautiful surroundings with such a caring and compassionate teacher, that I'll definitely do it again.