Testimonials - Podcast

I really enjoyed doing this interview Leanne! You're a real pro! Thanks - James Goi Jr. (15th Nov 2018)

I loved being a guest on Barefoot TV. Leanne has beautiful energy and carries much wisdom. She really understood my message and our conversation had great synergy. It was a powerful experience for me, so I suspect the audience benefited as well - Lucinda Bakken White (19th Oct 2018)

Leanne was a joy to talk with. An articulate, interested and very caring host, her concern for this very important topic and communicating it in the most effective way to her audience came through very clearly. I am looking forward to working with her further - Phil DeLuca, The UnTalk Therapist (22nd Aug 2018)

Leanne is a welcome voice in the new age field. Honest, kind, humorous and so connected, she expertly blends the worlds of logic with spiritual knowing. Her interviewing style is open-hearted and I felt very fortunate to have been invited onto the show. It's like she can read your mind, her questions are so appropriate and engaging. Thank you Leanne, you're making the online world a cleaner, more present, place - Sarah Anderson (nee Yip) (9th Aug 2018)

I was honoured to be a part of the Barefoot TV program and your natural warmth made a nervous newbie very much at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, thank you.  I watched the episode and really enjoyed it! Thanks - Tracy Dorreboom (5th July 2018)

Thanks again for a very very pleasant experience. Anytime you want to do another show just let me know. - John McGrail (20th June 2018)

Thank you for the clarity of knowing when I am honouring my authentic self and stepping past fear to do what is light and right for me - Faith (30 April 2018)

Being on the show with Leanne was an absolute delight.  Leanne asked very targeted questions and kept the conversations delightfully  "conversational" allowing me to share with listeners how they can use The "Green" Technique, eat and stop themselves and take the power back from their food.  Leanne made it all easy. I would totally recommend her show to anyone who is curious and interested in easy learning experiences about challenging topics. (Sora - 11/12/2018)

Thank you so much Leanne for providing me with an opportunity to share my story with the world and my messages of hope to others out there that are struggling with life challenges. It was an absolute honour and pleasure chatting with you on your podcast. The format was incredible and you provided me with an amazing space to share my story. (Ritchie - 5/5/2019)

I loved being a guest on Barefoot radio and talking about my sacred work. An interview with Leanne feels like chatting with a friend and I would absolutely recommend it to other spiritual practitioners wanting to share their work with a wider audience in an intimate, personalised way. I’d also recommend adding Barefoot radio to your playlist to anyone looking for an easy, practical way to reconnect with soulful living. (Kim - 10/10/2018)

Thank you so much! You are awesome to work with and I am excited to hear the show you did with Jamie! (Jennifer - 16/6/2018)

Thank you so much for doing your work! I had a ball connecting with you. Now I wish you lived in Australia again so we could hang out! (Helena - 6/6/2018)

Amazing time with you.  Congratulations on what you are doing.  (Jean Sheehan - 8/5/2018)

I loved being a guest on Barefoot Medium. My experience felt more like a conversation than an interview. Leanne made me feel very comfortable and the whole process flowed effortlessly! (Rachel Thompson - 10/5/2018)

Loved this podcast Being Real and Vulnerable in Relationships) so many great insights and light bulbs ... Thankyou to you both so grateful (Sarah - 30/9/2020)

Loved this podcast Being Real and Vulnerable in Relationships) so many great insights and light bulbs ... Thankyou to you both so grateful (Sarah - 30/9/2020)