Professional Intuitive Tarot Course

Practical & Interactive Journey to Connect with & reading the Cards

Leanne's Professional Intuitive Tarot Course is offered FACE-TO-FACE in Australia or ONLINE and is intended to take you on a practical and interactive journey to learn how to connect with your natural intuitive and psychic abilities, understand how to read the imagery, symbology, colours, numbers, themes, stories, energies and much more within the Tarot as well as work with both structured and intuitive spreads for your own personal, professional and spiritual development with the goal of conducting professional readings to support others in their everyday lives.  Throughout the course you will gain an in-dept understanding of the various components of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the importance of creating sacred space, the process for reading the cards intuitively, rather than according to the book meanings so you can work with the cards and Spirit for your own personal and professional development as well as deliver professional readings for others.  You will also learn how to work with the cards to gain a deeper understanding of who you or the person you are reading for is as an individual, the impact of various life experiences, become aware of fears, doubts and sabotage patterns which may be holding them back as well as gain clarity about purpose and direction in life while learning to strengthen and trust your intuition.  This is a very practical course where you will be provided with various opportunities to practice what you are learning and work with the cards intuitively by conducting readings so that you develop your understanding and skills with using the Tarot to provide intuitive guidance, insight and advice for yourself or others.

Mode of Delivery & Contact Hours

This Course is offered either IN-PERSON or ONLINE over 3 modules and includes a combination of course work and independent study to ensure you gain an in-depth understanding of the content and are competent across all modules:


  • Class attendance Face-to-face or Online Webinars or On-Demand Video Classes

  • Reading the Tarot Intuitively Book or eBook

  • Written Worksheets and Assignments

  • Case Studies and Practical Readings

  • Reflections and Meditation practices

  • Self-Healing and Personal and Professional Development

  • Certification of upon successful completion (see below for further details)

No previous experience or knowledge is required, however, you must be committed to your personal and spiritual development. 

Online Course

This ONLINE course is delivered via video based content together with interactive worksheets, practical exercises for you to complete, easy to understand tools and techniques as well as meditations and other online resources to support you in learning from the comfort and convenience of your own home:

  • Intake 1:  Details coming soon

COURSE PAGE:  All course materials can be accessed from the Private Course Page - full login and password details provided on booking

Note:  A recording of the classes will be available for those who are not able to attend during the live webinars. Due to the online nature of this course, once you have been sent login and password details for accessing the course materials it is considered to have been delivered and is non-refundable as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.​

Modules & Topics

During the course you will gain an in-depth understanding of 3 main Modules containing the following 12 topics:

  • Welcome, Intentions & Sacred Space

  • Brief History of the Tarot and Caring for the Cards

  • Reading Intuitively, The Senses & Connecting with the Cards

  • Journaling, Dreams Visions and Goals

  • Major Arcana, Fools Journey & Conducting Readings

  • Minor Arcana -Swords

  • Minor Arcana - Cups

  • Minor Arcana -Wands

  • Minor Arcana - Pentacles

  • Court Cards & Numbers

  • Structured and Intuitive Tarot Spreads

  • Professional Reading, Business Practice, Marketing & Legal Considerations

Note:  Intellectual Property Rights - All material created for use in this course/workshop was written and developed by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium ® and remains the property of author who retains all intellectual property rights. The use of such material by authorised Barefoot Academy teachers/facilitators for educational and administrative purposes at premises sanctioned by Barefoot Academy is permitted. Unless otherwise agreed in writing no portion of the course/workshop materials provided may be reproduced or distributed.

Certification & Recognition

Upon successful completion you will be awarded the Professional Intuitive Tarot Certification from the Barefoot Academy, a registered Training Provider through the International Institute of Contemporary Therapies (IICT) and recognised in over 27 countries throughout the world.  You will be required to complete the following to receive certification:

  • Participate in Face-to-Face classes, Online Webinars or Watch the replays

  • Complete all written worksheets and assignments

  • Review and reflect on Case Studies provided

  • Submit journal entries as required as evidence of a regular reflection, meditation and self-healing practice

  • Complete a variety of Intuitive Tarot Readings with volunteer clients to demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and deliver accurate and professional readings

  • Participate in a Spiritual Assessment with Leanne, The Barefoot Medium to demonstrate your competency across all topic areas

Note:  Upon successful completion of this Intuitive Tarot Reading course you may be certified as a professional tarot reader who has the skills, techniques and professional framework necessary to understand how to conduct ethical and accurate tarot readings for yourself and others.   For those who do not pass, additional training and/or mentoring must be completed before a second spiritual assessment will be considered.

Investment & Bookings

Your investment in the Professional Intuitive Tarot course is $350AUD and includes:

  • Professional expert teaching In-Person OR On-line

  • Private Course Page access

  • Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

  • Reading the Tarot Intuitively Book and Course Worksheets

  • Self-healing, intuitive and psychic development practices, exercises and processes

  • Case studies and Guided Meditations

  • Practical tarot reading experience and Individual Feedback on strengths and areas for improvement

  • 3 x 30 minute Practical Reading Webinars where you will have the opportunity to conduct intuitive tarot readings for someone else (Online Course only)

  • 30 minute Spiritual Assessment conducted with Leanne on completion

  • Certification with IICT upon successful completion (see above for further details)​​​

  • Option to apply for Student Membership with IICT and insurance eligibility - Click HERE for details


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