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8:8 Lions Gate Portal Activation Event...


In this LIVE 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Activation Event you will be taken on a journey through this significant cosmic gateway, to step into your strength, embrace a more empowered version of yourself and integrate the powerful new energies available to support your expansion so you can start living the abundant, joyful life you truly desire.

Throughout this event we will tap into the powerful energies for manifestation, love and prosperity and you will receive channelled messages (‘light codes’) to help you reach a new awareness within yourself, illuminate your spiritual aspirations and allow you to align with your true potential.

In this 1.5 hour 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Activation Eventyou will:

Gain valuable knowledge and insights about the annual astrological and spiritual gateway known as the 8-8 Lions Gate

Understand how you can harness these energies to direct and align your enegy with what you want to manifest in your life

Become aware of how you can break old patterns and close karmic loops that limit your potential and from evolving spiritually

Set powerful intentions that will help you to step into the next “level” of your life and bring in a new state of being

Participate in a powerful meditation to help you clear your mind, allow inspiration, ideas and “messages” to make themselves known to you as well as experience a positive flow of energy to support you in stepping into the 'next' level of your life.


If you are ready to anchor in new ‘light codes’, activate higher levels of consciousness and align with your true potential to start living the abundant, joyful life you truly desire, join me for this 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Activation Event!

Kick off your shoes and sign-up below for only $45 to save your space in the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Event on Monday 8th August at 7pm (AEST, Brisbane, Australian time).

Once you have signed-up you will receive a further confirmation email within 48 hours containing full details about accessing the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal Event.

Note:  If you sign-up, leave or do not attend the LIVE webinar for any reason, you will be sent a recording for you to watch back, however, will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details.  By signing up for this event with Leanne, The Barefoot Medium you understand that you may be asked to provide testimonials (written or video) which can be used for promotional purposes.  IIntellectual Property Rights - All material created for use in this webinar was written and developed by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium® and remains the property of author who retains all intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise agreed in writing no portion of the webinar materials provided may be reproduced or distributed

Note:  A recording will be made available after the event for those interested who are not able to attend LIVE