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Manifesting an Amazing Year ...

On-Demand Activation


In this Manifesting an Amazing Year Activation you will be taken on a journey to look into your Soul Mirror and start visioning and creating what it is you would like to manifest and experience in 2024, whether around love and relationships, career, business, finances, health and well-being, your spiritual development or your life purpose.  


Throughout this activation you will tap into the 2024 energies and receive channelled insights and guidance about the energies for the year ahead and how you can navigate your journey to manifest an amazing 2024.

In this Manifesting an Amazing 2024 activationyou will:

Gain valuable knowledge and insights about the Universal energy for 2024

Understand how you can work with the basic Universal Spiritual Laws to direct and align your energy with your dreams and manifest an amazing 2024

Become aware of how you can navigate your journey and flow through any limiting beliefs, blocks, patterns and resistance with ease and grace

Understand how you can deepen your connection to yourself, partner, and others as you step into 2024 more consciously aware in your everyday life

Connect with your Soul, the Divine as you receive light codes, transmission, downloads and healings as you Manifest an Amazing 2024


Manifesting an Amazing Year Activation

Manifesting an Amazing Year Worksheets

Guided Meditations

Processes and practical activities

Optional access to additional support through one-on-one consultation anytime at an additional hourly rate to facilitate your journey​

Lifetime access to the activation, meditations and resources

If you are ready to start visioning and consciously creating what you would like to manifest and experience in the year ahead, join me in this Manifesting an Amazing Year activation!

Kick off your shoes and sign-up below to the Manifesting an Amazing Year Activation for only $55 and receive instant access to:

Once you have completed your sign-up, you will receive instant access together with a further email confirmation containing full details about how to access your Manifesting an Amazing 2024 activation. 

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