Master Teacher Certification

Connect to your Intuition Course

Congratulations on saying YES and being ready to take a step up in your journey by becoming a Certified Master Teacher with Barefoot Academy for the Connect to your Intuition course so you can teach this internationally certified and copyrighted course and start inspiring others to embrace their truth and connect, transform and grow personally, professionally and spiritually in their everyday lives.


This Certified Master Teacher training will allow you to professionally present and deliver the internationally certified Connect to your Intuition Course and help others to create a solid foundation upon which they can connect and use their intuition to bring about profound positive changes to all areas of their lives. Upon successful completion, you will be certified to deliver the following topics:

  • How to be consciously aware of and work with your Intuition in your everyday life

  • The difference between your intuition and ego

  • How to strengthen the connection between your head and heart

  • The importance of meditation and raising your spiritual vibration

  • How you receive intuitive information through the senses

  • The best ways to trust and stay in flow with your Intuition


The Certified Master Teacher training for the Connect to your Intuition course is offered online over 12 weeks and includes the following:

  • Access to a Private and Exclusive Master Teacher website

  • 6 x LIVE Online Course Planning Sessions (including planning what you are teaching, the importance of the content as well as the underlying principles for each topic)

  • 6 x LIVE Online Course Delivery Sessions (including an understanding of different deliver methods, how to incorporate various learning styles, the core dynamics of teaching as well as how to handle potential teaching scenarios)

  • Course outline, teaching manuals, playbook, student worksheets, guided meditations, case studies, intuitive development exercises and processes

  • Course policies and procedures, student assessment criteria, student evaluation forms, promotional materials, promotion on Barefoot Academy and/or Leanne, The Barefoot Medium®’s website(s) as an approved and recommended Master Teacher

  • On-Going support and mentoring

  • Participation in podcast, radio, webinar and speaking opportunities as well as attend professional development training and retreats at a discounted rate

Investment & Bookings

Your investment in becoming a Certified Master Teacher for the Connecting to your Intuition course is only $495 and can be started at anytime by simply kicking off your shoes and booking using the BUY NOW button below: 

Once you have successfully completed your Master Teacher certification for the Connect to your Intuition course, you will be granted a licence and the right to use the copyrighted Course Materials exclusively in your area for a period of 12 months. 

Note:  A licence renewal fee of $95 will be payable for access to all copyrighted Course Materials exclusively in your area for any subsequent 12 month period to allow you to professionally present and deliver the internationally certified  Connect to Your Intuition course.

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