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Leanne has channelled a variety of meditations, clearing and aligning processes to support you to quieten the ‘monkey chatter’ of the mind, take time out for self-care, love and nurturing, gain clarity in your daily life, be more present with yourself and others, heal and clear your energy, release blockages and resistance, raise your spiritual vibration, connect to spirit, guides, angels and loved ones as well as to embrace your authentic self and manifest and create the life you desire.


Twin Flame Clearing & Activation

Twin Flames.PNG

For those on the Twin Flame Journey to help clear, transform and transmute any lower, dense or heavy energy from your field, burn away harsh outside influences or congestion, cut ties with past relationships and let go of old stories, patterns or beliefs holding you back as well as to activate your kundalini and connect your energy centers.  Duration:  15:45 mins

Connecting the Intuition


This meditation help you come into the present moment through the breath and to connect the head, heart and intuition so that you can begin connecting to your intuitive knowing and trusting any guidance, information & insights which come into your awareness whether for your everyday life or in your work with Spirit.  Duration 11.53 minutes

Connect with your Spirit Guides


This meditation will take you on a journey to meet your main Spirit Guide Team so that you can get to know them, understand their role in supporting you in your everyday life, how they communicate with you, how they think, act and feel as well as how they can help in your spiritual development.  Duration:  38.19 Mins

3rd Eye


This meditation supports you in opening and clearing your third eye chakra so you can see and perceive information beyond the physical, whether about the past, present or future, by receiving intuitive and psychic guidance through visions, objects, colours, symbols, places, people, Guides, Angels and even loved one's who have passed over using your Clairvoyance abilities. Duration: 23:32 mins

Manifesting & Aligning


This meditation supports you to consciously connect with your Manifesting Guide who helps you to clear, shift and transform any lower vibration or heavy frequency energy into high, positive vibrations as well as to set your intentions for manifestation so that you can then align you with the grid of worthiness and allow yourself to receive the flow of abundance as you co-create with the Universe with ease, love and joy.  Duration 28.55 minutes​

Grounding with the Earth


This Grounding with the Earth Meditation is intended to help you create a solid foundation in the physcial world upon which you can plant your feet so that you able to be more present in your daily life, to be more consciously aware and in the moment as well as anchoring your energy bodies into the physical world while striving to be more spiritual.  Throughout the meditation you will be taken on a journey to connect your energy bodies with Mother Earth, so that you are more aware of yourself physically, your thoughts, emotions and surroundings so that you are able to better connect to Spirit.  Duration 21.43 minutes

Release &
Let Go


This meditation helps you release and let go of any thoughts, emotions or events taking place in your physical world which no longer serve you. Throughout the meditation you will be taken on a journey through the beautiful rainforest with mother earth and all those who live upon her as they support and assist you to relax, go within, let go and move forward on your journey.  Duration: 13.59 minutes



This meditation supports you in connecting to your inner self, helping you to become more present in the moment as well as more aware of your inner wisdom and intuition.  You can use this process each day to help you be more focused, clear and peaceful mentally, emotionally and spiritually within your own being and open to receiving more love, joy and abundance in all areas of your life.  Duration 9.52 minutes


New Moon


This meditation helps you work with the cycles of the moon as you move through any endings, letting go or shifts your soul may be ready to experience in order to create the space and make room for new beginnings you wish to manifest and bring into your physical world.   Duration: 25.26 minutes

Heal the


This meditation supports you in releasing past wounds, emotional pain, disappointment, hurt, limiting beliefs of feeling unworthy of love resulting in repeating sabotage patterns of attracting and pursuing unavailable men or women in relationships who confirm your negative belief and keep you from manifesting successful healthy relationships in your life.  Duration: 20:09 minutes



This meditation helps you clear, balance and open each of the seven centers of energy physically and spiritually associated with various parts of our bodies, called chakras, so that you are able to flow through life with ease, grace and joy. Duration 39.28 minutes

Automatic Writing with Spirit

automatic writing.jpg

This meditation supports you in connecting with one of your Spirit Guides to build your relationship with those in the spirit realms, gain information about their role and how they can help with your spiritual development as well as to provide you with guidance and answers to specific questions related to your personal life.  Duration 24.40 minutes

Cutting Cords with Spirit


This meditation supports you in cutting or clearing away any negative fear-based cords which may be attaching you to people, situations or objects that are unhealthy, damaging or creating imbalances in your life so that you can move forward with love, joy and freedom.  Duration 29.21 minutes

Flying to the


This meditation can be used at any time to support you in working with the Full Moon energy to release and let go of all that is out of balance, blocking you from moving forward and cutting any cords of attachment to people, situations or objects that are no longer aligned with your higher purpose so you can move forward with love, joy and abundance in all areas of your life.  Duration 22.13 minutes

Grounding Cleansing & Protecting


This meditation helps you undertake a practice of self-love by regularly taking care and maintaining your energy field so that you are grounded in the present moment, focused in the now, clear of any negative or low vibration/frequency energies, allowing positive vibrations into your field as well as feeling protected & safe in your everyday life.  Duration 24.40 minutes



The meditation supports you in lifting your spiritual vibration in order to connect further with your intuition, Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones who have passed over as well as to open your heart to receiving safety, security, nurturing, faith, trust, wisdom and all the blessings coming your way.  Duration 13:06 minutes


Twin Flame Ancient Bath

healing bath 2.jpg

This meditation is a healing, transformation and integration process is intended to enhance healing on all levels, clear any negative, low vibrational energies (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) which may be interfering with your union, bring about change, transformation and spiritual growth as well as the highest levels of protection for you and your Twin Flame and your union. Duration: 24 mins



This meditation supports you in letting go of any burdens which may be weighing you down as well as any attachments to concepts, ideas, thoughts, emotions, addictions, relationships, patterns or fears so that you are able to fly free, to simply be and allow greater awareness & understanding to dawn.  Duration: 24 minutes

Book of


This meditation provides you with a powerful and sacred space in which you can release, let go and surrender any stress, challenges and difficulties in your life and shift your vibration into a state of allowing so that you can manifest all your dreams with ease and grace.  Duration 22:32 minutes

Bridge of


This meditation supports you in connecting your head and heart, clear any blockages or limiting beliefs to seeing and communicating with Spirit, help you trust and have faith in your intuition and knowing, release emotions and burdens, speak your truth with love, compassion and acceptance as well as have confidence in the decisions and actions you are guided to take from Spirit.  Duration:  11:53

Visions of


This meditation will allow you to work with the Goddesses Isis, Venus, Aphrodite and Freya, to get clear, set intentions and visions around how it is that you want to experience more love, passion, sensuality and playfulness in your life as well as improve your partnership, attract the relationship and partner that you desire in your life.   Duration:  32:30 minutes

Sitting in the Power with Spirit


This Sitting in the Power with Spirit Meditation is intended to support you in your personal and spiritual development by allowing you to raise your vibration to meet and connect with those in the Spirit World by Sitting in the Power with Spirit in order to receive their energy for your own learn, growth and development.  Duration 21:08 minutes

Forgiveness, Hooponopono


This meditation works with the ancient Hawaiian practice to help clear internal or external negativity from the mind and thoughts, wiping them out, clearing any blocks you consciously or unconsciously may have created that keep you miserable and stuck as well as remove stress, take away guilt, let go of grudges and regrets so you can experience peace, harmony, happiness and joy.  Duration: 18.37 mins

Peace Harmony & New Pathways

purpose_path new.png

This meditation supports you in becoming aware of the different paths, options, resources, people and opportunities available to you to create momentum towards achieving your desires, visions and goals and to fully align with your passion and Divine worthiness.  Duration:  16:45 minutes

Connecting with the Tarot


This meditation will take you on a journey where you will tap into your intuition as you look at the imagery, symbology, colours, emotions and energy in the Tarot cards and begin to develop your own unique language so you can receive insights, guidance and messages to help you in your everyday life.  Duration:  21:10 minutes


 Thank you for your meditation (Automatic Writing with Your Spirit Guide). I tried it out this afternoon. I am fairly new to automatic writing.... Today’s session was incredible. Still blown away by how it works. I will definitely keep this in my favourites folder. I wrote about a page....So much resonated. I was completely blown away by this today. All of this is so beautifully amazing. Thank you for your meditation. It really helped me so much! 

Leanne - 5 February 2021