Mediumship Masterclass

Exclusive Online Mediumship Masterclass for Intuitive, Psychic and Mediumship Development

Are you committed, willing and ready to take a practical journey to learn about your intuition, how spiritual energy works, meditation techniques, lifting your vibration, ways Spirit can connect and communicate with you through your senses as well as meet and work with your Spirit Guides?  Do you want to learn how to work with various psychic divination tools including tarot cards, pendulums, automatic writing and psychometry to provide guidance and messages to others in Psychic readings?  Are you ready to build strong foundations on which to develop your mediumship so you can blend and connect with loved ones who have passed over and bring through facts, evidence and messages in professional mediumship sittings?  Then kick off your shoes and join Leanne, The Barefoot Medium® in her next Mediumship Masterclass.  

The Mediumship Masterclass is an exclusive online course where you will be able to access expert teaching and guidance as well as the practical tools and techniques you need in order to develop your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities while being fully supported to connect, grow and expand personally, professionally and spiritually.  Throughout the Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to work with Leanne as you move your way through the three Mediumship Modules in the weekly teaching and strategy webinars, seek help and support through the Q and A sessions, complete guided meditations and healings as well as undertake practical activities and exercises.  You will also be required to complete practice readings with ‘sitters’ you do not know for a various topics through the Masterclass and have them provide you with written feedback on your delivery, accuracy and the relevance of the information given.  No previous experience or knowledge is required, however, as developing your mediumship abilities takes dedication, commitment and patience, you will be asked to make a commitment to Leanne, yourself and most of all to Spirit to turn-up each week, put in the time and energy required to complete the practical activities required, to participate as well as take responsibility for your own learning and growth.

Note:  This Masterclass incorporates Leanne's previous Foundations of Mediumship (Level 1), Framework for Mediumship (Level 2) and Connecting your Mediumship (Level 3) courses. 

Inclusions & Details

 Your Mediumship Masterclass is offered through a private and exclusive website, where you will meet each week and includes the following:

  • Access to a Private and Exclusive Masterclass website and facebook group

  • 12 x LIVE Teaching and Strategy Webinars

  • 6 x LIVE fortnightly Q & A Sessions or Member Spotlight/Hot Seats (individual members bring forward questions, challenges and problems, seek support with decision making and/or deliver practice readings for the group)

  • Course WorksheetseBooksguided meditations, case studies, self-healing techniques, energy care practices, intuitive, psychic and mediumship development exercises and processes

  • 3 x 15 minute Individual Feedback Sessions with Leanne to check your progress and provide feedback on strengths and areas for improvement

  • Certification with IICT upon successful completion of each Module (see above for further details)​​​

  • Option to apply for Student Membership with IICT and insurance eligibility - Click HERE for details

The next Mediumship Masterclass will commence as outlined below:

  • Date & Time:  To be advised


Module 1:  Basics of Energy

Module 1: Basics of Energy will take you on a journey to create strong foundations on which to develop your mediumship so you understand how your intuition and abilities work and the best way for you to connect with Spirit.  In this module, you will learn about

  • The Aura, Energy Bodies

  • Importance of and Methods for Grounding, Cleansing and Protecting your Energy Field

  • The Chakra’s and Balancing

  • Connecting with the Intuition (Heart) versus the Ego (Head)

  • Centering and Becoming Consciously Aware (thoughts, emotions and actions)

  • Receiving Through the Senses and Connecting

Module 2:  Psychic Development

Module 2: Psychic Development will provide you with the opportunity to start learning about how to use a variety of divination tools and techniques to provide other people with guidance, insight and clarity on a psychic level which will support you in your mediumship development.  In this module, you will learn about the following topics:

  • Conducting and Structuring Readings: Roles and Responsibilities (Personally and Spiritually)

  • Creating Sacred Space and Raising your Vibration

  • Meeting and Working with your Spirit Guides

  • Divination: Aura and Energy Cord Readings

  • Divination: Automatic Writing and Pendulums

  • Divination: Tarot and Oracle Cards

  • Divination: Psychometry and Remote Viewing

For this Module you will be required to complete practice Psychic readings with ‘sitters’ you do not know for a number of topics and have your sitters provide written feedback on your delivery, accuracy and relevance of the information given.

Module 3:  Mediumship Development

Module 3: Mediumship Development will provide you with the opportunity to pull all of your learning together and begin blending and connecting with loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World to bring through facts, evidence and messages for others in private sittings.  In this module, you will learn about the following topics:

  • Understanding Grief and Loss

  • Meditation and Building Spiritual Power

  • Blending, Connecting and Receiving from Spirit

  • Exploring the Evidence

  • Effective Private Sittings

For this Module, you will be required to complete practice Mediumship readings with ‘sitters’ you do not know for a number of topics and have your sitters provide written feedback on your delivery, accuracy and relevance of the information given.

International Certification & Recognition

To receive International Certification (recognised in over 27 countries throughout the world) through Barefoot Academy, a registered Training Provider with the International Institute of Contemporary Therapies (IICT), you must be able to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

  • An understanding of the basics of working with energy as well as the ability to use various tools and techniques to create a strong foundation for managing your own energy as well as connecting to your intuition to receive information through the senses

  • Ability to create a safe sacred space to raise your vibration, work with your Spirit Guides and provide other people with professional and accurate guidance, insight and clarity on a psychic level using a variety of divination tools and techniques

  • An understanding of the stages of grief and loss, how people may experience them and how you might be able to support people who come to you for a mediumship sitting with the grieving and healing process

  • Ability to blend and connect with loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World and bring through accurate facts, evidence and messages using the various senses for others in professional private sittings


Note:  For those who are not able to successfully demonstrate some or all of a module, you will be given the opportunity to address any issues identified or where necessary repeat a module, undertake additional training and/or coaching before a second attempt at certification will be considered.

Investment & Bookings

 Your investment in the Mediumship Mastermind is only $888AUD


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