A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning - Brad Henry

Mediumship Teacher Certification

If you have been working in the spiritual field as a professional Psychic and/or Medium and you have been invited by Spirit to step further into your journey of guiding, supporting and helping others by hosting and teaching your own students, then you have been guided here for a reason.  With over 25 years experience designing, developing and delivering courses at Universities, to corporate clients and teaching her own clients, Leanne provides you with the opportunity to become a Mediumship Teacher who has been certified and tested to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to deliver mediumship courses accurately, respectfully and to meet professional and ethical standards. 

​In this 12 month Mediumship Teacher Certification program you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Casting energy circles

  • Holding energetic space

  • Planning and Structuring a circle or course

  • Strategies for effectively and confidently delivering content to students in a circle or course

  • Understanding different approaches to learning

  • Incorporating different types of exercises, activities and examples to demonstrate key content

  • Establishing and maintaining professional boundaries

  • Handling different teaching scenarios

  • Developing your leadership skills

  • Assessing student performance against course objectives

  • Providing constructive feedback to support student development

  • Strategies for marketing and promoting your circle or course

  • Managing your circle or course (including administrative processes, online course management, policies and procedures and customer service)

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your teaching, circle and course

As a certified Master Teacher, you will be given access to course content, teaching manuals, student worksheets, guided meditations, case studies, various activities, exercises and processes as well as be promoted by Leanne as a certified Mediumship Teacher through Barefoot Academy available to support others on their journey of learning and growth.  You will also receive on-going help and coaching to support you in your business and to reach your potential as a leader, teacher and guide in ways that are genuine, empowering, respectful and meet professional and ethical standards.

This will require a commitment and willingness on your behalf to attend, participate and complete all requirements in order to be certified to deliver three (3) mediumship courses in ways that are accurate, respectful and meet professional and ethical standards. Most importantly, you must be willing to commit to working with Spirit, to learn and grow personally, to building and growing your spiritual business as well as to developing and improving your mediumship.


Knowledge has a beginning but no end - Unknown

Mediumship Course Content

Upon successful completion of your Mediumship Teacher certification program, you will be granted a licence and the right to present the copyrighted course materials for the following mediumship courses exclusively in your area for a period of 12 months:

Foundations of Mediumship

This course takes students on a journey to create strong foundations on which to develop their mediumship so they understand how their intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities work, the importance of managing and being aware of their own energy as well as the best ways for them to connect with Spirit to bring through evidence, information and messages to others.  In this module, you will help students gain knowledge and understanding of the following topics:

  • The Aura, Energy Bodies

  • Importance of and Methods for Grounding, Cleansing and Protecting your Energy Field

  • The Chakra’s and Balancing

  • Connecting with the Intuition (Heart) versus the Ego (Head)

  • Centering and Becoming Consciously Aware (thoughts, emotions and actions)

  • Receiving Through the Senses and Connecting

  • Creating and Maintaining Healthy Personal and Spiritual Boundaries

Psychic Development 

In this course you will teach others how to use a variety of divination tools and techniques to provide other people with guidance, insight and clarity on a psychic level to support them in their mediumship development.  Upon successful completion, you will be certified to deliver the following topics:

  • Conducting and Structuring Readings: Roles and Responsibilities (Personally and Spiritually)

  • Creating Sacred Space and Raising your Vibration

  • Meeting and Working with your Spirit Guides

  • Divination: Aura and Energy Cord Readings

  • Divination: Automatic Writing and Pendulums

  • Divination: Tarot and Oracle Cards

  • Divination: Psychometry and Remote Viewing​

Mediumship Development 

In this course you will support others to begin blending and connecting with loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World to bring through facts, evidence and messages for others in private sittings. Upon successful completion, you will be certified to deliver the following topics:

  • Understanding Grief and Loss

  • Meditation and Building Spiritual Power

  • Blending, Connecting and Receiving from Spirit

  • Exploring the Evidence

  • Effective Private Sittings

Note:  A licence renewal fee of $395 per course or $1111 for all three (3) courses will be payable for access to all copyrighted course materials exclusively in your area for any subsequent 12 month period to allow you to professionally present and deliver the copyrighted course materials.

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn

Teacher Certification Details & Bookings

The dates for the next intake of the Mediumship Teacher Certification program to be advised.

The Mediumship Teacher certification program is offered online over 12 months and includes the following:

  • Access to a Private and Exclusive Master Teacher website

  • LIVE Online Course Planning Sessions (including planning what you are teaching, the importance of the content as well as the underlying principles for each topic)

  • LIVE Online Course Delivery Sessions (including an understanding of different deliver methods, how to incorporate various learning styles, the core dynamics of teaching as well as how to handle potential teaching scenarios)

  • Course outline, teaching manuals, playbook, student worksheets, guided meditations, case studies, intuitive development exercises and processes

  • Course policies and procedures, student assessment criteria, student evaluation forms, promotional materials, promotion on Barefoot Academy and/or Leanne, The Barefoot Medium®’s website(s) as a certified and recommended Mediumship Teacher

  • On-Going support and mentoring

  • Participation in podcast, radio, webinar and speaking opportunities as well as attend professional development training and retreats at a discounted rate

Enrolment in the 12 month Mediumship Teacher Certification program is only $3555AUD, with a $333AUD deposit required to secure your space followed by monthly instalments of $268AUD throughout the program.  Payments can be made via PayPal or Debit or Credit Card using the Buy Now button below:

Once your booking has been made, you will receive a further confirmation email together with details of about how to access your Mediumship Teacher Certification program page.  

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