Take a moment to breathe into your heart and ask yourself, what dreams, visions or goals do I have that I have almost given up on ever fullfiling? 


Your heart knows what you desire and will guide you to information, places, resources, people and opportunities at exactly the right time to support you in manifesting what it is you need, want and desire in life.  Trust that you have been guided here because the Universe knows you are experiencing one or more of the following:


  • Going around in circles and never getting anywhere

  • Stuck and uncertain about what to do next or the steps needed to have what you want

  • Struggling, fighting or working hard in life and just surviving

  • Don't know who you are and disconnected from yourself and others

  • Confused about what you want, your purpose and direction in life

  • Something is holding you back, blocking or stopping you from moving forward or having what you desire

  • Keep experiencing the same problems, obstacles, challenges and nothing feels like it will (or can) change

  • Doubt yourself, lack confidence, settle for less than what you desire or sell yourself short
  • Find it difficult to let go of past relationships, experiences or situations
  • Hold onto emotions from experiences where you felt hurt, betrayed, abandoned, sad, angry or disappointed
  • Find yourself getting easily attached to relationships, opportunities or outcomes and how you want things to manifest
  • Not growing, progressing or moving towards what you want to experience in life


If you are experiencing any of the above, then the Universe is inviting you to have the courage to consciously manifest change in your life through a process of transformation because your dreams, visions and goals are important, you are worthy of having them fulfilled and you are supported along the journey to seeing them unfold in front of your eyes.

You have the power to create your dream life!

Manifest your Dreams in an Online Retreat

As a result of the global pandemic (COVID-19) we are all experiencing and the impact it is having on so many people throughout the world, Leanne's the Mirror of the Soul Retreat originally scheduled from Sunday 5th July 2020 until 15th July 2020 and visiting sacred locations off the Caribbean coast in Colombia has undertaken a transformation.  


Thanks to the gift of technology, the Mirror of the Soul Retreat we now be held as an 11 Day Online Retreat to give you the opportunity to focus on an area of your life (whether home, love, relationships, family, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path) where you would like to experience a shift, transformation and change so you can manifest what you desire. 

More than an ordinary retreat…Leanne’s Mirror of the Soul Online Retreat offers you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your inner being, receive expert teachings and coaching, gather wisdom, learn tools and techniques to fill up your soul tank, understand how to listen to your intuition and get into alignment with what you desire.  You will also gather practical tools and techniques as well as be guided through meditations, clearings and activations to help you shift through the limiting stories holding you back, let go of the inner clutter weighing you down and transform deeply held patterns keeping you stuck and going in circles.

To help you work with the Universe to quickly, easily and confidently manifest the vision for your life that your soul needs, wants and desires, you will be taken on a powerful journey as you are taken on a journey through the following topics to support you in manifesting your dreams:

  • Day 1:  Connecting & Setting Intentions

  • Day 2:  The Mirror World

  • Day 3:  Universal Treasure Chest

  • Day 4:  Beliefs & Stories

  • Day 5:  Dreams, Visions, Passion & Goals

  • Day 6:  Emotional Guidance System

  • Day 7:  Time Map & People Circle

  • Day 8:  Action Compass

  • Day 9:  Abundance and Pot of Gold

  • Day 10:  Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Day 11:  Decision Making & Boundaries

  • BONUS Day: Celebrating, Closing the Gap & Anchoring the New

Note:  Topics may be adjusted based on the needs and energy of the group.  All sessions are recorded and will be made available for those who are unable to attend LIVE 

The retreat will commence Sunday 5th July 2020 until 15th July 2020, with a 2 hour LIVE online workshop session at 9.30am each day followed by a 1.5 hour LIVE online reflection session at 7.00pm each evening in the private Mirror of the Soul: Retreat Group (July 2020). 

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

What are the Benefits?

  • Meet like-minded people who are committed to manifesting change and transforming their lives 

  • Shift and transform blocks, challenges, obstacles and limitations holding you back from being all of who you are and having all you desire in life

  • Gather practical skills and tools to help you be more present, balanced and stay in flow in your daily life as well as simple easy techniques you can use to manifest the life you desire

  • Understand what you value most and learn to trust yourself to take the steps necessary to experience more joy, love, passion and success in life

  • Gain new insights and perspectives while spending time reflecting and nourishing yourself personally, professionally and spiritually

  • Receive guidance and support to ensure you are clear, motivated and inspired to achieve your goals and thrive in your life

  • Learn practical and easy to use techniques to help you create change in yourself, others and in the environment around you

  • Understand how to look in your Soul mirror as see evidence of what you are on your way to manifesting in your life

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you - Robin Sharma

Ready to Invest in your Dreams?

Are you ready to accept the invitation from the Universe to consciously manifest change in your life by investing the time, energy and resources required to manifesting the dreams, visions or goals your heart desires?  


Remember your dreams, visions and goals are important, you are worthy of having them fulfilled and you are supported along the journey to seeing them unfold in front of your eyes, so kick off your shoes and join Leanne for this unique journey:

Mirror of the Soul Online Retreat $550* and includes:

  • Professional expert teachings and coaching

  • Mirror of the Soul Workbook

  • Shifting your Shit to Manifest your Dreams eBook

  • Meditations, clearing and activation processes as well as practical tools, techniques and exercises to support you in manifesting the life you desire

  • 1 x 30 minute Individual Mirror of the Soul session with Leanne where you will receive individual guidance, insights and support to help you move forward and towards your dreams

  • 1 x 30 minute follow-up Individual Mirror of the Soul session with Leanne 2 weeks after the online retreat

Bookings are essential and can be made online via PayPal or Debit or Credit Card below:

*Note:  Payment plans can be organised for those impacted by COVID-19 and the global pandemic

Once your booking has been received, you will receive an email confirmation containing full details about accessing the private Mirror of the Soul: Retreat Group (July 2020) and the online sessions.