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Leanne has a variety of beautiful New Age products and spiritual tools available to inspire, uplift, empower and support you in your personal, professional and spiritual development and awakening.  Whether you are looking for smudge sticks, crystals, singing bowls, brass bells, pendulums, storage boxes or much more, check out these amazing tools and products to help you move forward on your journey.

Note:  Orders are processed on the last Friday of each month

Smudge Sticks

A variety of Smudge Sticks, used by Native American and other indigenous cultures, are available to support you in cleansing, clearing and transforming energy whether for yourself, friends, family or clients, your home or in other spaces.  Simply burn the herbs and allow the smoke and fragrance to fill the space and clear any negative, lower, heavy or dense energies and create space for positive, light, loving energies to come in.

Smudge Bowls

A variety of 13.5cm X 7cm clay Smudge Bowls, are available to support you in performing your cleansing ceremonies, which allow you to rest your half used smudging stick and avoid damaging your altar, bench, table or floor.

Goddess Bowl
Native Print
Clay Om
Clay Pentacle
Clay Native
Clay Black
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Pendulums have been used for centuries and are a fantastic used for centuries for divination and to gain guidance and insight as well as to support you in healing physically, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Simply use it as a phone line to your higher self, source and spirit which brings through information to answer your questions or questions from your clients from the highest truth and divine love.

Amethyst Glass
Black Tourmaline
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Yellow Adventurine
Green Aventurine
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Tumbled Crystals

A variety of Tumbled Crystals are available in 100gms packs, which can be carried around or placed in your environment for their vibrational impact, healing benefits and metaphyscial properties.  Simply place them in your pocket, in your bra, on your chakras, around electrical appliances, scattered on a coffee table or at your desk plus much more. 

Rose Quartz
Tiger Eye
Clear Quartz
Black Obsidian
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