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Twin Flames & Hope

Ever since I was a young girl I can remember my parents reading me fairy tales where the princess went on a journey to find her tall dark and handsome prince. I remember feeling a strong connection to this story and an overwhelming sense of knowing, even from such an early age, that there was (and is) a very special prince just like those in the fairy tales out there who was made just for me. In each of these stories the underlying theme was around the hope that one day the princess would in fact find her prince and they would live happily ever after.

Each of us, has or is currently, on a journey to find our prince or princess, that one true love. What we are searching for is what is referred to as the Twin Flame. Just like the fairy tales, there are various stories about the Twin Flame and Twin Flame relationships. One story tells us that the Twin Flame was formed as a result of Zeus hurling thunderbolts at those living on Earth which resulted in them being split into two separate beings. These two separate beings, each with a complete soul, then went their separate ways, often spending life-times apart learning and gathering experiences, longing to find each other and finally merge with their other half. Eros, the Greek god of love, referred to as Cupid by the Romans, also talks about the desire to merge with the other half of our soul that is to find our Twin Flame. So, when you are searching for love, you are in fact embarking on a journey of hope that you will find your one true love, your twin flame! No wonder the drive to find and pursue love is so powerful!!!

Now I am sure many of you believe that merging with your twin will be just like the fairy tales, an amazing and beautiful opportunity to experience love. Well the journey with the twin is different and at times is not an easy one! You must commit to an inner journey to look at, reflect on and heal experiences and relationships from your past and present and bring yourself into balance, peace and harmony. To do this you must be willing to face your fears, particularly those around being hurt, abandoned, manipulated, rejected or being alone. You will be asked to take responsibility for the part you may have played in experiences or relationships which resulted in dishonesty, disrespect, pain, sadness, anger, resentment etc. You may be asked to release and let go of relationships which are not in integrity with your values and not built on solid foundations of open, honest communication, respect, and trust. There will be days where you can’t stop crying, where you feel angry, disappointed, hurt or just want to shut yourself away from the world and give up. That’s ok, allow yourself the space to feel these emotions as it is part of your healing, and important to release so that if you meet your twin it is not a chaotic experience which tears you apart. When you do have days like these where the journey feels difficult, focus on hope and have faith that if you are meant to merge with your twin the Universe will conspire to make it happen. Below are 4 tips to help you stay focused and full of hope if you consciously choose to work with the Twin Flame and make a commitment to bring them into your physical world:

  1. Honour - trust and honour your intuition and how you feel. You are the only person who knows what feels right for you, so listen to your own guidance, rather than asking others for advice about what you “should” do. Ask the Angels, Spirit, the Universe, God to guide you by showing you clear signs about what steps are in your highest good to move you closer to merging with your twin.Open Up - allow yourself to open up and receive love in all its forms within your life. Open up to seeing the synchronicities the Universe will place on your path to help guide you. Most importantly, be open and honest to others about your thoughts, feelings, goals and desires as this is the key to creating relationships which are built on solid foundation of love, respect and intimacy. By genuinely opening up and being honest with others you will also be able to be completely open and honest in your communication with your twin when you find each other.

  2. Patience - when you have this deep longing within your soul to find your other half, the lesson around being patient and waiting for divine right timing can be the most difficult. I have learnt that it is all in how you go about waiting which either makes the journey easy or difficult. Trust that the Universe will bring your twin into your life at the perfect time and get busy doing all the things that you love, that bring you joy and happiness.

  3. Ease & Grace - when you are in the flow and at One with the Universe, life is easy, you are able to see signs, ask for help, see your options and recognise when doors have been opened for you to walk through. Walk your journey with grace, without trying to control things, simply allow the Universe to reveal information to you and your twin when they are ready so that you both understand, accept and discover the nature of this amazing relationship on your own. Walk your journey with ease and grace, knowing that all is unfolding as it should and that within each and every moment there is love, sometimes it may not be obvious but it is always there!

So, while searching and looking for your twin may at times become challenging as you break down any and all boundaries or blocks to love and you may feel like giving up, please know that there is always hope! If you are already on the journey with bringing your twin into your physical world, please don’t give up! Especially when you are about to get to the really good part! So, take a chance and keep hope in your heart by choosing to believe that it is possible to bring that prince or princess, just like in the fairy tales, into your life.


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