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Finding the Magic Within: Truth & Setting Healthy Boundaries

As we move through our everyday, one of the most important things to remember is to claim your own truth and stand in your own power by following the magick within your heart and soul. There are three keys to helping you find the magick within:

  1. Set healthy boundaries - If you have you ever felt drained, exhausted or overwhelmed, found yourself confused, unable to focus, consumed by drama around you or had to deal with a lot of conflict then you need to set strong, healthy boundaries. Boundaries are guidelines about what you are prepared to accept physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually. On the physical they reflect your comfort with physical touch, sexual expression and privacy. Mental and emotional boundaries involve your willingness to say ‘no’, being assertive and knowing that you have the right to be heard and seen as well as allowing yourself to be open and trusting that you have the ability to make confident decisions and respect your own boundaries. Once you set healthy boundaries, you will notice the magick from within will flow around you, you will feel empowered, energised and excited about life, be present and honour yourself and what feels right and loving for you.

  2. Stay grounded - Grounding is a very powerful technique to help you be consciously aware in the present moment, let go and trust in the future. There are many different techniques you can use including visualising roots coming down through the bottom of your feet into the earth, doing physical exercise, gardening, listening to music etc.

  3. Acknowledge & feel any resistance - ‘What you resist persists’ right? Resistance comes to the surface when you are not having the courage to face the real you. If you choose to push through it you end up tired and exhausted like you could sleep for a month, or if you choose to give in then you will get nothing done at all. You can deal with resistance by acknowledging it, listen to the fear beneath it and then do it anyway! Remember resistance simply means it’s time for you to make a choice to stay where you are or to be brave and take the leap!

So to find the magick within, look deep into heart and soul find what it is that feels light, loving and truthful for you. When you do the Universe will support you and help you in all areas of your life, and there is little that anyone else can do or say that will be able to stop you. I dare you to find that beautiful, amazing and magickal being within & allow yourself to shine!!!!

NOTE: This article was also published in Holistic Bliss Magazine on 8th November 2013


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