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The Man Cave and Lady Cave are two very different spaces!

Now from what I understand, and I am by no means an expert, the so called ‘Man Cave’ is a place a man can go to be a man, it is his personal space for hobbies, leisure activities etc etc etc. I really have to be honest and say, I have no idea what goes on in there!

What I have learnt is that a man often goes into his ‘man cave’ when he feels emotionally overwhelmed and requires space to be able to move through, deal with whatever situation, experience or issue that is presenting itself to him. Now the only thing we women need to remember when he goes into his cave is DO NOT GO INTO THE MAN CAVE!!! No matter how tempted you are to check-in on him, to ask him if he wants to talk about it or how much you want to hold him and help him move through it, resolve it or fix it.

Now I know for most of us, leaving our men to go into their man cave goes against our natural feminine instincts to nurture, connect, love and care for them. However, in order for our men to thrive, grow and heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually we must honour their process by allowing them the freedom to go into their own space and trust that they will be able to move through it, deal with it, find a solution.

As women our job when our men go into the man cave is to simply hold space for them. What do I meant by holding the space for them? Well, for a lot of women, we want our men to hold space for us by physically holding us, connecting and communicating and reassuring us that everything will be ok. OMG ladies how different are we to men!!!! For our men, holding space usually means emotionally holding them by loving them, being compassion and accepting, going with the flow and most importantly trusting and having faith that they can deal with it. This allows them to be able to dig deep into whatever experience is being presented to them knowing that you will be there when they choose to come out of the cave.

Please know and understand that they will come out of their cave, sometimes it takes them a little longer which I know can test out patience, trust that they will when they are ready! When they do, they will be more loving, supportive, powerful and stronger and more fully embody the Divine masculine. Now isn’t that worth waiting for ladies?

Note: For all the men out there, sometimes in our humanness we forget not to go into your cave! Please forgive us when we do this and know that one of the reasons we do it is that our cave, the ‘Lady Cave’’ is a very different space to yours. More on this later.....


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