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Seeing through the looking glass of Love with clarity

One of the most common things clients ask about in readings is LOVE, whether this relates to how to love the self more, when and where they will find their soul-mate, twin flame and romantic partner, the desire for more romance, communication, intimacy and connectedness with a lover, partner, husband or wife, we all want more LOVE!

As I was flicking through some old journals I have written, I came across some information about clarity and immediately noticed the connection to love and our relationships with others. For those of you who feel like this is a time to bring more love into your life and relationships, I felt drawn to share with you some wisdom and some tips to allow you to see through the looking glass of love with more clarity.

  • Look within at what your heart desires - when we look in the mirror we are looking deeply into our own selves and accessing our heart space. If you are seeking clarity in order to make decisions and choices in your life that allow you to feel more love, whether in your work, relationship, finances, home etc please know that you always have access to information and wisdom to support you in making decisions and choices which feel right for you. You can access this information and wisdom by looking within at what it is that your heart truly desires, this is where you will find clarity around what your hear desires.

  • Observe & be present to your thoughts - thoughts have the ability to create tomorrow so it is extremely important to observe and be present to the thoughts that are being sent out to the Universe. Thoughts are requests which invite the Universe to bring you more of what you are thinking or speaking about. In order to create more love, we need to be in the moment and present to our words and thoughts so that we are aware of what we are sending out. By being clear with your thoughts and words you are able to make conscious choices to change what you are ordering from the Universe or those around you if necessary. In each and every moment you can send out clear, precise and accurate thoughts which are from love for the Universe to bring back to you. So be really clear with your words and thoughts and create more love.

  • Let go of any judgements - often when people look at their lives they perceive that there is something ‘wrong’ with them, they are ‘unworthy’ or that they are a ‘failure’. Please notice that these are old beliefs, fears and judgements that do not serve you and are from the wounded self. In truth, you are love, you are perfect whole and complete exactly as you are! You are absolutely worthy of all your heart desires and that there is success in every perceived failure, it is just the glass through which we look at our experiences and circumstances which determine our perspective. Let go of any and all judgements of yourself and others, choose to look at life from the perspective of love. Ask yourself what would love see? By looking at life through a brighter more loving perspective you will free up and lighten your energy which will then create the space for you to see evidence of your worthiness and success in love and all areas of your life.

  • Feel & let flow - when it comes to the emotions, some people tend to bottle them up inside to be dealt with at some later date (which consciously never really arrives) or bury their head in the sand pretending that they don’t exist. When people bottle or bury their head in the sand the Universe tends to send them experiences, people or situations to help release them from the energy field so that more love for self and others can be felt. If you allow yourself to feel the emotions you experience in each moment you have the opportunity to express and release them in the present so that you can move forward with clarity and stay in flow with the energy of where you want to be.

  • Take guided actions - we can all ask for what it is that we desire and invite more love to come into our lives, the question is are you then taking actions that show you are willing to move towards what it is that you are asking for? Are you actions towards yourself loving? Are you being kind, compassionate and loving within your relationship with others? Are you willing to allow yourself to open up to receiving what you are asking for? Are you taking the steps you have been guided to take to move towards love? Be willing to take clear guided steps towards what you want when the opportunities are presented to you. This will show the Universe that you are open and ready for more love!!!!

Once your thoughts, emotions and actions are all in alignment and you are seeing through the eyes of love, you will have created a space for clarity to come in. So please take the time each and every day to be present to look within at what it is that your heart truly desires, let go of any fear or judgements, observe your thoughts, be present to your emotions and then take guided actions you will be looking through the glass of love to clarity!


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