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The Energy Bus & New Beginnings

Welcome to the Energy Bus!

The Universe is ready for you to step on board! For each new beginning you are provided with an opportunity to step on board a new energy bus that fully supports your life purpose, your path, your passions, goals, desires and dreams.

The bus can be different for each of us, as we are all here to take different journey's and experience different situations, relationships and opportunities within this lifetime. For me, this bus is filled with integrity, respect, value, unconditional love, gratitude, joy, happiness, connection, intimacy, sensuality, sex, passion, openness, having, pleasure, travel, adventure, dancing, music, fun, spiritual awareness, consciousness, giving, receiving, flow, ease, grace, learning, growing, kindness, generosity, cheekiness, health, fitness, freedom, wealth, abundance and magick!

By choosing to step onto your new energy bus (whatever that looks like for you) there may be situations, relationships and people that you need to let go of and cut the ties to because they are not in direct alignment with the energy you wish to step into. While you may be standing on the step of the bus, are you struggling or having difficulty letting go Are you looking outside of the bus at others who are standing on the footpath wishing, encouraging them, trying to convince them or attempting to drag them onto your bus? Or are you able to jump on board, close the doors and let go with ease, grace and love, knowing that we each have our own journeys? Trust and know that there is another bus stop around the corner for those people you let go of who wish to do the work to come with you and get in alignment so that they can jump on board, if they choose to do so.

So, now that you are on board and have closed the doors to the past, turn around, fully step onto the bus and have a look at all the beautiful amazing people, some you already know and others you are yet to meet, who are on-board your bus. These are the people you are taking this part of the journey with, who you will learn and grow from, through and with. These are the people who provide opportunities and open doorways for you which were previously not available on your other bus. How amazing & magickal is that!!!! The Universe is ready to take you on the next part of the journey, surrender and enjoy no matter what comes your way!!!!!


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