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R E S P E C T, a key to Intimacy

Over the last few months, I have noticed a theme around boundaries and the word ‘respect’ within relationships and with clients who have been coming in for readings as well as attending circles, workshops and undertaking mentoring sessions. So, I felt like it was appropriate to share my thoughts on what the word respect means, whether with yourself, in romantic relationships, business or spiritually.

As I have been writing and flowing with writing my books, putting workshops and mentoring programs together, what I realised is that R E S P E C T is really one of the key elements within Intimate relationships. Because we have an intimate relationship with each and every person we connect and communicate with whether a parent, sibling, partner, lover, children, friend, colleague, client etc, I felt drawn to share what I believe are the five (5) basic facets to R E S P E C T:

  1. Free-will: Each and everyone of you has the right to choose your thoughts, feelings, actions, to make your own decisions and choices in life, to determine who you wish to work with and how, to create, decorate and maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual homes in whatever way you choose, to request help and support when required, to say no to opportunities (including relationships, friendships, clients, colleagues, readings and healings etc) that do not feel right for you and to detach from energy or ‘stuff’ that others may project towards you

  2. Self-love: When you respect yourself first you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually more attractive, you are able to accept and love yourself exactly as you are, you allow yourself (and others) to follow your dreams, desires and passions, you care for and nurture yourself, you are able to assertively speak your truth with others, you trust in and take full responsibility for the decisions and choices you make in your life

  3. Sharing: Now I believe in the old saying ‘sharing is caring’, so this facet involves being willing and able to share love and compassion, spend quality time and space with others, enjoy a healthy exchange of energy and attention (equal amount of giving and receiving) in ways that allow you and others to grow, develop, blossom and open to new opportunities and possibilities

  4. Boundaries: These are the standards of behaviour you are willing to accept from others which are usually based on your core values, your authentic self. Respect yourself enough to put your needs and desires first, speak up, say ‘no’ to others expectations and ‘yes’ to you, draw the line and/or walk away from people, situations and opportunities which do not align with your core values, with who you are as a person and your goals and desires.

  5. Appreciation & Gratitude: In each and every relationship and experience it is important to find the gift or the blessing and to appreciate the opportunity you have been given to learn and grow.

Please keep these five (5) facets in mind and take some time out today to reflect on what these really mean for you and be honest about where each and every one of your relationships are at in terms of the level of R E S P E C T within them. Understand that you are being presented with an opportunity to let go of old ways of being that may not align with what is respectful for you and that by doing this you are creating space for the Universe to bring you more loving, respectful and healthy friendships and romantic relationships, which are based on mutual respect.


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