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Manifesting Success: It’s All About that Base!

The beginning of a new year has most of us thinking about what it is we intend to create and manifest within various areas of our lives, yet we do not have to wait for this time of year to allow ourselves to focus on what it is that we want to create. Whether you want to set yourself new goals around health and fitness, love and relationships, career and business, finances, study, work, the home environment, family, children or holidays, I’m sure you want to manifest success. I know I do!!!

How do you begin manifesting success you ask? Well, like Meghan Trainor’s song “All About that Bass”, manifesting success is ‘All About that Base’ chakra! Located at the base of your spine and the pubic bone, this chakra holds your basic needs for survival, security and safety including the need for air, water, food, clothing, shelter, sleep, appreciation, friendship, pleasure and love. When any of our basic needs are not being successfully fulfilled the human body does not function properly resulting in possible dis-ease in the form of health problems or emotionally as feelings of anxiety, tension and/or overwhelm. It is also where the energy to succeed and make things happen in the material world comes from as well as your willpower, motivation and intent. Essentially it is your manifestation centre. For this reason it is important to ensure that your base chakra is clear, free-flowing so that you can utilise the energy to create your desires and nourish you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

No matter how hard you work to create and manifest success in various areas of your life, if your basic needs in this physical world are not being satisfied or fulfilled in a secure and consistent way, your energy will be scattered, you will lack focus, have little to no motivation, your view of the world will be limited and you will feel fearful and insecure. This is why it is so important to ensure your base is free-flowing, stable and solid as it will increase your motivation, help you stay focused on your goals and give you the energy to take the physical steps necessary to make things happen!

Here are seven tips to help you make it ‘All About The Base’ and begin manifesting success:

  1. Take time each day, even if it is only 5 minutes, to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, take in the beauty of mother nature and allow her to support, nurture and help you to be grounded and connected in the physical world;

  2. Keep your physical body hydrated, nourished and energised with lots of water, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and a good night sleep;

  3. Ensure your home and physical environment is clear of clutter, tidy and free to move around in

  4. Look at yourself with appreciation, believe in yourself and in your abilities to create positive changes and live a fulfilling and successful life

  5. Acknowledge and be grateful for what you do have, how far you have already come and choose happiness each and every day;

  6. Take time out to have fun and socialise with friends who are positive, uplifting and encourage you to achieve your goals

  7. Allow yourself to experience and embrace pleasure and love each day, whether through the smile of a stranger, a hug from a friend, tender kisses or sex and intimacy with your partner

By taking these physical steps to ensure that you make things ‘All About that Base’, you will be well on your way to staying in-flow, motivated and full of energy to successfully manifest all of your needs, wants and desires.

If you are feeling scattered, confused, uncertain or nneed help and support to remain motivated and focused on manifesting your goals, I have a variety of coaching programs available which can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact me on 0419 762 504 discuss how I can help you create that stable, secure and loving base from which you can manifest success!!!


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