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The Power of Intention

Each and every one of you have dreams, hopes and desires whether they are about fulfilling your basic human needs for food, shelter and safety or for money, health, career, business, relationships, romance, intimacy, family, children, spiritual development or love. In my work as a psychic medium and spiritual teacher, I have seen thousands of clients throughout the years who have sought guidance, insights and support with how to bring about changes in their lives whether it be changing careers, getting a promotion, starting their own business, creating financial freedom and wealth, improved health and well-being and of course finding love.

Now, I believe that your dreams and desires where given to you for a reason. I believe that reason is that you are the one unique soul who has the skills, talents, abilities and passion to be able to create them. Why else would they be given to you? I also believe that dreams and desires stay that way, intangible vague ideas of what you want to have, be and do, unless you set intentions around them. Intentions are powerful messages you send out through your thoughts, emotions and actions, letting the Universe know what you would like them to support you in making a reality. Because everything that happens begins with an intention, it is essential that you become consciously aware of what you are asking the Universe to make happen and support you in creating within your life.

The Universe will bring to you situations, experiences and people who can help and support you in honouring your intentions so that you are able to physically experience your dreams and desires. Your role, once your intentions have been set, is to gather and maintain positive energies, keep yourself in integrity and honour them by taking positive steps towards making them happen. When your intentions are pure (authentic and loving), you remain in alignment and trust fully in them, you will feel worthy, joyful and loved and the Universe has no choice but to fully support and reward you for this. Now the process of staying in alignment may be quite simple for some of you, however, for others it can be quite frustrating and challenging.

When you are out of alignment with your intentions, the Universe will show you evidence of this, usually through people, events and situations which result in you feeling stuck, blocked, disrespected, devalued, frustrated and even angry. These situations have been brought to you as an opportunity to reflect on the messages (thoughts, emotions and actions) you have been sending the Universe which are not aligned with your original intentions. When it feels like you are struggling to bring your intentions into reality, it is important to have the strength and courage to take an honest look at whether your intentions are pure and whether you are honouring and respecting these intentions by remaining true to your word and commitments to yourself and others. Once you are able to become aware of the thoughts, emotions and actions that are sabotaging your progress, you can choose to shift them and come back into alignment so that the Universe can once again fully support ad reward you.

I am sure that most of you are able to identify one (or maybe more) area of your life in the past or right now where you feel stuck or where you have been struggling, fighting or working hard to make your dreams a reality, however, for one reason or another it just does not seem to be happening. As someone who has had real world experiences with struggling and working hard to bring desires into the physical, particularly around self-love, business, finances, health and fitness, love and relationships, I want to be able to share the amazing knowledge and understanding as well as practical tools and techniques I have gathered over the years with as many of you as possible. While some of these experiences, were at the time my greatest challenges, I now understand that these too were gifts that helped me discover more of who I am and grow into more love for self and others. This allows me to remain in alignment with my intentions, goals and desires so that I am fully supported and rewarded by the Universe each and every day.


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