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Obstacles & Challenges: Universal Sign Posts to Manifesting your Dreams

Now I am sure that each and every one of you has heard of The Law of Attraction, right? This law basically suggests that you create your own reality by attracting into your life situations, relationships, events and circumstances based on the energy (thoughts, emotions and actions) you put out into the Universe (whether consciously or unconsciously) in order to manifest your goals and desires.

Each new day brings with it the opportunity for you to spend time and energy focusing on your intentions (goals and desires) in order to attract and bring in what it is that you want, whether it is a new home, more clients, financial abundance, better health, career opportunities, a loving relationship, more romance and intimacy etc. You begin working with the Law of Attraction by setting an intention, setting goals and asking the Universe to help you manifest your dreams. You must become consciously aware of what you are asking the Universe to make happen and support you in creating within your life.

You ask the Universe for help and support whether you are aware of it or not through your thoughts, the way you feel or by taking action steps towards bringing your desires into your physical world. Your role, once your intentions have been set, is to let go, gather and maintain positive energies (thoughts, emotions and actions) in order to remain in alignment and trust fully in them so that the Universe has no choice but to fully support and reward you for this. However, it is when you are out of alignment with your intentions, whether through negative thoughts, fears, doubts, emotions or actions which oppose your original intentions, that the Universe will show you evidence of this, usually by presenting you with obstacles and challenges.

These challenges and obstacles, whether through people, events or experiences, are what I like to call Universal sign posts that have been (consciously or unconsciously) placed along your path for a purpose. Their purpose is to help you recognise and understand where you may be out of alignment (thoughts, emotions or actions) with your original intentions so that you can transform, change and shift them and create the space necessary for your desires to flow into your physical reality quickly and easily.

If you are currently experiencing obstacles or challenges, here are some practical tips to help you to start recognising where these sign posts were created so that you can begin making changes and start fulfilling your heart desires:

  • Take 5 minutes at the beginning of your day to write in a Journal what thoughts, emotions and actions you intend to take towards your goal

  • Carry a small note book with you and record any negative thoughts and words you may be using throughout the day

  • Observe and allow yourself to feel any emotions that come to the surface, whether positive or negative

  • Be aware of what actions, decisions and choices you are making throughout the day and whether they are moving you toward or away from what you desire

  • At the end of the day sit down with your Journal and reflect on what it is you have created throughout the day

  • Take responsibility for and choose to change any thoughts, emotions and actions necessary to get you to where you want to be

Once you begin to see any obstacles and challenges you are being presented with as Universal sign posts back to your thoughts, emotions or actions, you can quickly and easily shift them back into alignment and create the space necessary for the Universe to weave its magic!


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