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The Body as Messenger: Imbalances an Opportunity to Adjust, Eliminate or Change

The human body is not only composed of your head, neck, chest, abdomen, arms and hands, legs and feet, organs such as the heart and lungs, different tissues and cells, it is actually another form of energy, with molecules made up of ‘particles’ which are vibrations. You essentially have vibrating energy systems all around your physical body, known most commonly as the ‘aura’, that makes up everything that you are, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As you move through life and experience different relationships, events and situations you are continuously exposed to different energy from anything and everything around you. Depending on what it is that you have in the past or are currently experiencing, whether within yourself, other people, situations or events, your aura can be what is considered healthy or unhealthy, balanced or unbalanced, strengthened or weakened.

When you are in a state of good health, nourished, clear, positive, joyful, happy and feeling loved and supported, you will feel healthy, strong, balanced and fulfilled physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Where there is an imbalance on one or more levels, your body will send you signals to draw your attention to and let you know that there is ‘stress’ or ‘dis-ease’ which needs to be addressed. Now these signals, may come in a variety of forms such as aches and pains like headaches, toothaches, sinusitis, backaches, knee problems, to disorders such as panic attacks, depression through to dis-eases such as cancer to name a few.

You can all cope and flow perfectly well with a certain level of ‘stress’ in your lives, in fact it can in fact be life-enhancing. It is when you are faced with major events, situations and experiences that are important and/or painful, that there is potential to overwhelm your ability to cope. This is where your physical body may alert you to opportunities to look at and acknowledge where there may be ‘stress’ or ‘dis-ease’ in your life. If you ignore any of these ‘stressors’ the more signals your body will send you until you have no choice but to address it, sometimes through the opportunity to under-go physical treatment or operations in order to bring you back into balance.

If your body is sending you signals already, I ask you to take some time to reflect on where you are at in your life in the present moment and identify potential ‘stressors’ in the following areas:

  • Physical level (location, home, diet and exercise routine, personal habits such as drinking, smoking or drug use)

  • Mental level (fears, negative thoughts and words, limiting beliefs, patterns of over-thinking & over-analysing)

  • Emotional level (stuck or unexpressed emotions such as sadness, anger, worry, anxiety, relationship pressures whether from partners, family, friends, colleagues or yourself)

Once you have identified the events, situations or experiences that may be creating ‘stress’ or ‘dis-ease’, it is your responsibility to make the effort and be willing to take the necessary steps to adjust, eliminate or change what is not working for you. To do this, I would suggest the following practical strategies:

  • Create a to ‘Stop’ list where you write down all of the ‘stress’ and negative coping strategies you wish to let go of

  • Identify any physical, mental and emotional adjustments you wish to make and add them to a ‘Change’ list

  • Acknowledge where you currently feel nourished, clear, positive, joyful, happy, loved and supported in your life and write them on a to ‘Continue’ list

  • Get to know yourself more intimately by writing down what you need, want and desire in order to be physically healthy, loved, successful, balanced and fulfilled in life on your to ‘Create’ list

Please remember that your physical body is the vessel your soul has chosen to live this life in, to learn and grow through all of your experiences. You and only you have the opportunity to take care of it, love it, nourish it, keep it in balance, healthy and feeling joyful and abundant.


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