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Curses: What are they? Can they be placed on you? How might you be affected? What are some proces

As a medium from time to time I have received calls from people who believe that they are being ‘attacked’ or from those who believe that they may have had curses placed on them, whether in this lifetime or another, as everything in their life seems to be going wrong or working against them and they are weighed down by problems, obstacles and challenges.

Now I am sure you have all hear of, one way or another, the concept of a curse, and wondered what it all means, if it even exists and how on earth they can be placed on someone (if at all). If we take a few moments to look at witchcraft and it’s religion Wicca, which dates back thousands of years, and is based on the concept of love and joy, not fear, sin or the evil that it has often been connected with throughout history.

Many people (not all) who practice the religion of Wicca perform what is known as magic and spell work which essentially means the harnessing and redirection of natural energy to effect change in the world around us. The true practitioner of Wicca when performing spell work understands that the energy they are working with must be clear and pure, it must be honored and respected, that what we do in this lifetime will be revisited in the next and what you send out is echoed back to you three times three times three (refer to the Law of Threefold Return). They also believe that each and everyone of us is responsible for our own actions and that we must take personal responsibility for what we create and send out, through throughs, emotions and actions whether in spell work or in your everyday life. One of the core concepts when working with energy and magic, is to remember that each and everyone of you must be willing to accept the consequences -- either good or bad -- of your behaviour and that any spell work that is done must be with the intent to ‘harm none’.

So where does the concept of curses fit with all of this? From my knowledge and experience with spell work and my learnings about the Wicca traditions, I understand that curses, what you may also know as psychic attacks, are simply the direction and harnessing of energy for the purpose of harming, wounding, manipulating and or controlling situations, events and/or people for your own benefit. I believe that people who undertake spell-work of this nature, often have significant problems or challenges that they are facing within their own lives that they are either unwilling or unable to take personal responsibility for so they find it easier to blame their situation and experiences on Spirit, devil, curses, witchcraft, other people etc. People who perform this type of magic or direct energy in this way are what one would call ‘dabblers’ who are driven by fear that they are not enough, of not having enough as they do not believe there is enough in the Universe for all of us (only a few). They also often lack of confidence in themselves, in their own abilities and skills, they are jealousy and envious of others and are intent on hurting or wounding someone else, which is I believe an abuse of spiritual and psychic energy and knowledge.

If you believe that your energy is being manipulated or controlled or that someone is projecting energy towards you to create harm, wounding or chaos, then you may experience some of the following:

  • Recurring nightmares with similar scenarios or the same people in them

  • Inability to get a good nights sleep regardless of how many actual hours you get

  • A heaviness or unusual weight on your chest

  • Unusual fears and fascinations that are difficult to shake off

  • Bad odors and smells in your personal environment

  • Sudden feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, confusion or depression

  • Problems with electricity, lighting and appliances

  • Sudden changes in temperature in your home environment

  • Unexplained difficulties, trouble or unusual occurrences around you, your friends or family

  • Feeling drained, tired and sleepy after having been around specific people or situations

If you are feeling most of the above symptoms, I would suggest that you look at cleansing and protecting your own energy field so that you are not vulnerable to any energy which may be sent your way. There are a variety of items that people often use to protect their energy such as crystals, herbs, talismans, amlets such as the evil eye. You can also use meditation and other processes to keep your spiritual vibration at a higher level than those who may be intending you harm. Please remember that you do not have to join others in their fear, lack or hurtful thoughts or actions. The best way to avoid is to stay in your strength and power and focus on love.

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