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Soul Mates & Twin Flames: Fact or Fiction?


Now for those of you who know me and my personal journey around love and relationships with Soul Mates and what is known as the Twin Flame, you will understand just how passionate I am about this topic and helping to educate people on what these two concepts mean and how you know when you are experiencing a soul mate connection versus what is referred to as a Twin Flame.

Many people who come for readings with me want to know have I meet my soul mate, is he/she ‘The One’ are they my Twin Flame. There are a number of different answers to this question depending on who the person is that is sitting in front of me, where it is they are on their journey in life and love as well as what they are experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with this person.

Let’s start by talking about Soul Mates. The concept of Soul Mates is not new, in fact it dates back 5,000 years to the time of the Egyptian Gods Osiris and Isis who it is believed had a love so strong that death itself could not separate them. The celtic traditions talk about soul-love and the beauty of understanding love and friendship, while in hindu tradition the concept of Soul Mates suggests that there are different types of Soul Mates. I believe that throughout this lifetime you can (and will) be exposed to and experience a variety of Soul Mate connections whether you are aware of it or not. Each type of Soul Mate serves a different purpose and can include family members, friends, pets, work colleagues and teachers to name a few.

The most common types of Soul Mate relationships and their main characteristics include:

  1. Karmic Soul Mate: These are very strong intense connections which serve the specific purpose of helping you to clear and work through past or current life issues together. A Karmic Soul Mate can be a parent, sibling, co-worker, boss or even a lover who you have shared one or more lifetime with, who is placed on your path to help you grow into more love for self, they open you up so that you can be more of your uniquely Divine self. With these types of Soul Mates you may experience an instant and intense attraction or dislike for this type of Soul Mate, your relationship with them is often not long term, will more often than not be challenging and difficult as both negotiate and work through your personal learnings so that you can let go of the challenges and move forward into another relationship. Essentially the purpose of these types of Soul Mate connections is to help you move through past issues, learn more about yourself particularly around standing in your own power, setting healthy boundaries, independence and the importance of creating solid foundations of safety, respect and honesty in relationships.

  2. Companion Soul Mate: Companion Soul Mates have a unique and special bond, they seem to just click with each other, share similar interests, have the same values, know what the other likes and dislikes, are usually best friends and would appear to make ideal romantic partners. With these types of Soul Mate relationships, while the bond is strong, there is often no sexual or intimate spark, attraction or chemistry, with each person exploring romantic relationships with others whilst continuing with their very important friendship. Many couples who are in fact with this type of Soul Mate, may have ‘settled’ in the relationship because they have a strong friendship, yet there is no romantic or intimate connection in the partnership, they simply stay as it is easier than finding someone else. These relationships can be very supportive and pleasant as each person accepts the other and they are happy to have a companion to move through life with.

  3. Romantic Soul Mate: Now I am sure you have all heard the fairtales around which these types of Soul Mates are based, Cinderella finding her Prince, Beauty and the Beast, Rupunzel, Sleeping Beauty to name a few. These are essentially romantic intimate sexual relationships which usually come into your life through synchronicity with the purpose of helping you to achieve goals and learnings in life around producing children and a family, commitment, unconditional love, giving and receiving love, support, intimacy, security and trust. Romantic Soul Mates often experience an instant attraction and sexual chemistry, have a solid friendship at the core of their relationship and while the path may not always be easy they are usually around for the longer term.

  4. Twin Flames: Now here is where things get interesting! There is a lot of information out there about Twin Flames, what they are, their purpose, how you will know if you are with them, the concept of a ‘false twin’ and how you can connect with them. The Twin Flame connection is very powerful, they are not half of one soul which was split, each person is a complete soul who experiences a very strong pull towards each other that is both physically intense and often emotional which you may be unable to adequately describe to others. These types of connections often happen when you least expect it, involve a whole new level of intensity and can be incredibly challenging, in very different ways to Karmic Soul Mates. They are your ultimate mirror who’s purpose is to reflect back to you all that you like about yourself as well as all that is within that needs healing, shifting, transforming and/or changing so that you learn, grow and expand into more of your authentic loving self. There is only one Twin Flame and I do not believe in the concept of a ‘false twin flame’, why on earth would the Universe wish to send us a fake Twin? If you and your Twin Flame have been drawn together in this lifetime it is usually for the purpose of balancing out the masculine and feminine energies and helping each other in your spiritual growth and development so that you can both help others on a larger scale, Universally, in whatever way feels right for you. You will know with every cell in your body and through your energy if you have met your Twin Flame, you may spend time together, then time apart so that you can each work on your own personal and spiritual development and come back together when the time and energy is right for you to do so. If one or both of you are not ready or willing to go within and take personal responsibility for healing, shifting, transforming and/or changing then you may not experience what people often refer to as the reunion and your Twin may simply have been placed on your path to open you up to greater spiritual growth and understanding, to mirror any issues in need of healing, to give and receive unconditional love and to experience a unique connection with another person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

While there is so much more that can be shared about Soul Mates ad Twin Flames, I believe that the ultimate learning with all of these connections and relationships is to trust your own feelings and intuition around what works for you, to establish healthy boundaries, learn to balance the giving and receiving in your relationships and to learn to love each and every person who is placed on your path unconditionally for the learning and growth they bring to your soul.


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