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Self-Doubt: Intuition, Messages from Spirit & How to Trust

To some the process of connecting and blending with Spirit, whether for the purpose of self-development, giving readings or healings, will come naturally as you are easily able to quieten your thoughts, get out of your own way and trust the information that Spirit is providing you. For others, fear of getting the information wrong or doubts about your own abilities or the information you are being given can make this process more difficult. Once you start regularly connecting, blending and communicating with Spirit it will become easier to step out of your own way so that you can establish a strong connection and trust the information you are being given.

When talking about working with Spirit, fear of seeing, hearing or sensing Spirit may block you from moving forward with your development and trusting what it is you are receiving unless you take the time to go within and heal what created the fear in the first place. You can reduce fear, by educating, informing and preparing yourself so that you can quickly become more in control of HOW & WHEN you receive information. You can make a Spirit clearer, less intense, tune them out, ignore them, tell them to go away etc. Nothing should enter your energy field without your permission. If you are seeing, hearing or sensing too much then talk to your Guides and let them know that it is too intense, you are not comfortable and ask them to turn it down, slow things down and give it to you at a pace you are more comfortable with. This is part of establishing boundaries around how you want to work with Spirit. The only time Spirit can enter your space and your energy is when you forget that you are in charge, are too fearful of telling them to get out of your space, or when you have not consciously set boundaries around how you wish to work with Spirit. If you ever get into a position where you do not feel like you can control what you are seeing, hearing or sensing, then ask someone for help, don’t try to deal with it on your own. However, one of the best ways to overcome fear of connecting with Spirit is to communicate with Spirit more often! This will allow you to spend more time in connection with them, understand what their energy feels, looks and sounds like, discuss how it is that you can best communicate with each other and simply ask them to help you build trust in the information you are receiving.

Once Spirit blends with your energy if you begin to doubt (a feeling of uncertainty), whether it is your abilities, the information being given to you or you have a negative thought (I can’t do this, what if I’m wrong) you immediately block Spirit from blending and communicating with you. If doubt comes in, you will need to work harder to re-establish, re-connect and build trust with Spirit. One of the things that people often have difficulty with, particularly at the beginning of their journey in working with Spirit and connecting further with their intuition is knowing and trusting WHERE the information being received is coming from and you slip into judgement, over-thinking and questioning thus separating yourselves from your authentic self, your intuition, your inner knowing and in turn from Spirit. In order to help you build confidence and certainty around guidance you seek within your everyday life, I recommend that you take time each and everyday to simply sit and connect with your Heart and allow yourself to be filled with a sense of peace, love and faith then take any problems, issues or questions to your heart for clarity. Ask your heart to show you the most successful solution(s), steps to resolve the issue(s) and or information and details around your question. Once you receive this information, check in with how it feels, if it feels light, loving, values and respects you and all others involved, then you can trust that the information is coming from the highest source. However, if there is a feeling of heaviness, uncertainty, apprehension then wait, ask for more clarity, details and information. In terms of trusting the information you receive from Spirit, I would recommend that you join a development circle where you can practice giving information to others and learn what it feels like to receive confirmation and what it feels like to get the information wrong. Be willing to give the information you are receiving, you may be accurate, you may also be ‘wrong’ which is simply an opportunity to go back to Spirit and ask for clarity, more details or further facts and evidence that can be confirmed.


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