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What do you do if your house is haunted?

Nothing is more misunderstood and has more fear and myth surrounding it than the idea of spirit beings, ghosts and entities. Throughout history and within every society there have been teachings about spirits and beings from angels, faeries, spirit animals, ghosts, ancestors, demons, passed over loved ones and other experiences related to the spirit realm. There are also a variety of terms which have been used to describe Spirits who may present themselves around your energy body (aura), home or workplace including spirit attachments, hauntings, earthbound spirits etc all of which I believe promote and in some cases create fear.

From my own personal experiences as a child and in now working with the Spirit realm for many years, Spirit can make themselves known to you, whether around your energy body, home or workplace, in a variety of ways which can sometimes result in your feeling afraid, confused and/or fearful. The most common ways Spirit present themselves include:

  • Feeling uneasy, uncomfortable, or nervous within a room or in certain areas

  • Sudden extreme changes in mood where you experience emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, depression, confusion and being ‘on edge’ that are not your own

  • Hearing strange unexplained sounds, music, voices, knocking or footsteps

  • Sensing you are being watched or the presence of spirits, even when you know you are alone

  • Sudden chills, coldness or heat in the air when the room temperature is normal

  • Smelling strange odours such as perfume, smoke, sulphur, or something foul that has no apparent source

  • Electrical appliances like televisions, radios, lights, etc., turn on and off by themselves

  • Feeling significant reduction in your energy levels which leave you feeling fatigued, drained and unable to focus

  • Unusual or unexplained physical sensations such as being touched, tickled, shoved or pushed by something that cannot be seen

  • Unexplained movements such as doors opening and closing by themselves, shadows or lights out of the corner of your eye

  • Children insisting that they will not go into a particular room or that there is someone there who you cannot see

  • New cravings for specific food, alcohol, drugs, sex or anything else that has come out of the blue

  • Dramatic changes in your behaviour for no obvious reason (eg. complete change of a circle of friends or interests in life)

  • Sudden weight gain or frequent migraine headaches, insomnia, night terrors, nightmares or instances of sleep walking

If you are experiencing any or all of the above, you more than likely have a Spirit around who more often than not simply wants to be seen, heard and acknowledged. In my experience most of the Spirit beings who present around you or your home are in fact loved ones who have simply drawn close to you to provide comfort, support, help, nurturing and love as a result of experiences they you may be going through within your life. Once your loved one is acknowledged and they are able to communicate what it is that they have to share, you will normally find that they pull their energy back and allow you to continue living your everyday life. However, in other cases, you may become aware of Spirits who experienced death in a traumatic and/or sudden way, hold rigid religious beliefs or fears around judgement, addiction, guilt, confusion, uncertainty, fear etc. If you are aware of these type of beings around you then they are often drawn to you for a purpose, either they relate to you on a personal level, feel very comfortable around you and in your presence or believe that you are able to help them in some way.

I understand that when it comes to the Spirit realm people have different beliefs based on factors such cultural background, religion, family upbringing, societies expectations etc etc. Some of you may have been brought up to believe or have been taught that contact or communication from Spirit realm is considered evil, dangerous, damaging. This I believe is simply the result of a lack of understanding of how the Spirit realm works and a hesitation and fear of exploring the unknown or reaching out to learn about other possibilities, often through fear of punishment created by the idea of hell. Personally, I believe that there is absolutely nothing to fear about connecting and communicating with those in Spirit, as long as you work with the energy in a positive, respectful and loving way then nothing can ever harm you.

For those of you who may be experiencing Spirit and are not sure what to do about it, I would highly recommend learning tools and techniques for cleansing, clearing and protecting your own energy, creating and maintaining healthy boundaries and understanding how energy and the Spirit realm work. If you are feeling threatened, fearful or afraid then do not hesitate to seek help and support from an experienced and reputable Medium who can be the channel for allowing Spirit to bring through any relevant communication necessary to support you in restoring peace, harmony and balance your life.


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