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You think you are Psychic, What do you do?

Every single one of you are intuitive....Your intuition is simply where your higher self, your true self, talks to you through what I refer to as your instinctive and unconscious knowing as well as your feelings. You may have started to receive intuitive guidance and insights about various situations or experiences in your life as a result of asking your higher self for help, support and clarity. In response to your questions, your higher self may also communicate with you through what is commonly referred to as coincidences and synchronicities, whether through people, books, movies, coins, feathers etc, as a method of providing you with the information that you need at that particular point in time. Information, communication and guidance that you receive intuitively often appears quickly, like a lightning bolt, and will always feel light, positive, motivating and encouraging. These types of messages will consistently and repetitively appear over and over again, almost always motivated by a desire to improve a situation and make a change in some area of your life and will urge you to continue forwards with a ‘you can do it’ feeling behind them. Intuitive information will also fit with your natural talents, skills, abilities, passions and interests, will always come from a high vibration space of love, joy, happiness and success and will move you forwards on your journey. As you begin to trust the information and insights you are receiving from your higher self and start to follow this guidance you start to expand and strengthen your intuition and open up to more frequent guidance and insights.

As you being to open up your awareness and work with your intuition you may also find that you begin receiving information, guidance and insights for others at a psychic level. What this means is that you are able to sense and gather information by tuning into other people’s energy fields, or aura’s, and receiving communication about what is currently going on for that person at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level as well as what may be approaching or coming up in the future. As you begin opening to these abilities you may begin asking yourself questions about what it is that you are meant to do with the information you are receiving, are you supposed to be passing the information on to others? The answer to these questions is no! I firmly believe that it is important to respect other people’s right to privacy, to allow others to learn and grow through life and to ask for help support and guidance at the time that fits and feels right for them. I believe that passing on psychic information or messages to others when they have not requested you to do so takes away their free-will choice and possibly the opportunity they have been given to heal themself, expand into more love for self, empower themselves to make choices which result in change and of course to learn to trust their own intuition more. Most of the time, you will be given information, guidance and insights about others in your life simply as a way of supporting you in reaching your goals and to make decisions and choices that work best for you.

The single most important thing when you start to become aware of your own intuition and opening up your psychic abilities is to start taking a journey of self-discovery. I believe that you are given these tools to support you in your everyday life, to help you make life work in the best way possible for you and to bring a higher level of peace, harmony, clarity, joy and love into every area of your life. Whether you wish to work with your psychic or mediumship abilities professionally or not, this journey in life is all about learning, growing and expanding into a better version of yourself, healing what no longer serves you, opening to more love, confidence, joy, happiness and abundance. If you have just started to notice that you are receiving intuitive guidance and information, I would suggest that you start connecting with your higher self each and every day and asking for guidance and clarity about situations in your own life as this will help you to learn and understand how you work, because we all receive information differently. Once you do this you will be able to confidently connect with your inner knowing to gain a deeper understanding of self, clarify your goals in life, move through any fears, doubts and blockages, examine potential solutions, deal more effectively with problems you may experience, recognise choices available, open up to receiving more love, joy, happiness and success, expand your spiritual and psychic gifts and learn to trust your intuition. As you do this Spirit, Universe, God brings you the guidance, help and support you need in order to create positive changes in your life and grow as a person by connecting with your higher self and to Spirit and as a possible stepping stone for those interested in reading for others in the future.


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