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Are the foundations for your own business right?

The key question aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs often wonder in the planning stage, is how do can I create foundations to get my business started and ensure it is on the path to success.

Like building a home, when you are planning to launch your own business, it is important that the foundations you are creating it from and that it is built on are solid, the right materials and resources are utilised, that it is sturdy enough to hold up during tough times and that it can stand the test of time. Would you build your home on a cracked foundation which is damaged, weak and unstable? It is certainly not the type of foundation that would allow your business to thrive and grow towards success.

From the soul’s perspective, it is important to remember that YOU are the foundation of your business. You are the person that will be in your business physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so it is essential that in the planning stage of building your business that you are absolutely solid, stable and firm in your resolve, that you are strong enough to withstand the challenges that may be presented and that you are able to remain loyal and committed to your business in order for it to have the best possible chance for success and to thrive and expand into the future.

The key strategies from a soul perspective in creating solid foundations for your business are:

  • Plan how you will allocate and balance your time!

  • Identify strategies you can use to quickly and effectively dealing with any problems or situations which present inside and outside of the business

  • Set aside time out of the business to nurture, support and value yourself to ensure your energy and enthusiasm remains high

  • Create healthy boundaries for your business around clients, colleagues, contractors etc so that you are aware of what you are willing to accept and allow within your business

  • Clean and clear any clutter from your physical, mental and emotional space by throwing old unused materials or objects out, using positive affirmations and breathing through any emotions as they come to the surface

  • Start your day with a 5-10 minute visualisation to plan how your day with be, to get the energy flowing and keep you focused

  • Make love to your money! The more you respect, value and honour your finances within the business the more money will want to stay with or flow to you, so start loving your money.

By remembering that you are the foundation for your business and following the strategies above, you will be able to wisely invest your time and resources in building a sound foundation for your new business, and your future.


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