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Trust: Rising to the Challenge & Experiencing Greater levels of Trust

As we move through life with all of our hopes, dreams and wishes for what we want to have present in our lives, it is important to remember to flow through life with a sense of trust and faith. When I speak about trust in this sense I want to suggest that it is a sense of trust in yourself, in your skills and abilities, in the decisions and choices you make, in the paths you choose to walk, in your ability to attract and bring to you that which you want at the divine perfect time. There are times in our lives where our sense of trust can be incredibly strong and others where our faith and ability to trust is challenged.

I am sure like me, each and every one of you has experienced times in your life whether it is around the home, money, work, career, health, fitness, love, relationships, children etc where you have hopes, dreams and wishes that appear to be more challenging to manifest and see evidence of in your world. For example, there were times in my past where money just did not seem to flow easily, where I had to work hard and struggle to make enough money to pay the mortgage, electricity, water, put food on the table and to maybe have a little fun in amongst what felt like the burdens and responsibilities. During this period of my life I would have very much been living from day to day wondering where the financial resources would come from, I would ask the Universe for support, repeat affirmations, take responsibility for the fears and thoughts of lack which would present themselves, release the frustration, tears and guilt that was associated with not being in a better financial position than I was. I would sit in meditation with my Guides and be reminded to let go and trust that all my needs would be fulfilled and that the Universe fully supported me.

Well, let me share with you, this did not always go well....I may have on a number of occasions thrown what I call a spiritual tantrum and yelled at my Guides, Spirit the Universe whoever it was that was meant to be there helping me ... How was I meant to trust and have faith when the experience in my physical world was the complete opposite of what I had been asking for and what I had believed was possible? What I recognise now, is that I was moving forward, taking action from my logical masculine energy, trying to make things happen and what I created as a result was a massive blockage that I then had to clear so that the space was available for the Universe to actually provide me with what it was that I had been asking for. It is at times like this when you feel challenged, that your fears around whatever it is not happening, issues with worthiness or whether you have the skills and abilities to create what you want may come to the surface for you to face, accept and move through. These are the times that you are truly being asked to rise to the challenge, release and surrender the fears, thoughts, emotions and actions which do not serve you and to trust and have faith that all is exactly as it is meant to be and will come to you.

So how do you embrace greater levels of trust? Trust me, I have asked my Guides for support and help with this one a number of times throughout the years!!!! As I sit here today I can share with you that the answer I have always received back is the same. Breathe, breathe and breathe! Get back into the present moment, rather than focusing too far in the future or on what it is that you perceive you do not have. When you are able to get back into the present moment you are able to then breathe into your heart, feel the peace, love, support and infinite possibilities that are within you. You are then able to step into your feminine intuition, that sense of knowing, into your heart! When you are in your heart, you are able to communicate with the Universe through their language, energy and feelings, step into your strength and open up to receiving the support and guidance necessary in the present moment. It is when you are in your heart space that the Universe then asks you to be willing to allow yourself to get into alignment with the energy or frequency of trust so that you are then able to experience greater levels of trust and they are able to then provide you with evidence that your hopes, dreams and wishes are in fact already here.

In this very moment, you can choose to experience greater levels of trust by making a fresh commitment to yourself each and every day, to commit and trust in everything that is of value and important to you. When you honour your word to yourself and others, see things through and remain committed to what you feel is best or right for you, you engage in the process of creating trust. If there is something in your life today where you are being asked to rise to the challenge so that you can experience greater levels of trust, be brave, have courage and be willing to move forward and take a chance when the energy feels right to move.


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