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Spirit Connections: Brother, Grandfather & Mum

Updated: May 4, 2021

I just love the way Spirit works & how synchronicities are orchestrated so that you meet the exact people that you are meant to at the right time!

Last night I had the most amazing opportunity to go out for dinner & a drink on Colombian Independence Day with Val and a group of people she had worked with that day. Now I meet Val in the hostel in Medellin, where I rested & recovered from my lung infection and she just happens to be in Santa Marta at the same time as me smile emoticon

Early yesterday afternoon I had asked one of the staff at my hostel about whether there were any organisations where I could do some volunteer work whilst I was in Santa Marta for the next 3 weeks - they gave me the name Mariposas Amarillas - I researched it and after reading that you need to have at least a basic level of Spanish I dismissed it and asked how else I could be of service while I was here in Santa Marta & let it go. Little did I know at the time that dinner & drinks was also to celebrate another beautiful soul's birthday, Oscar. On meeting Oscar my attention was immediately drawn to the beautiful sparkly clear quartz necklace he was wearing & knew instantly that he was a beautiful generous soul. I then found out that Oscar is the man who created & runs the volunteer organisation (Mariposas Amarillas) I had been referred to earlier in the day....I could not have organised this if I had tried!!!

What happened over dinner was truly magical & I was humbled & honoured to have been placed at the table on such a special night. Oscar, thankfully speaks a little English & asked me what it is that I do for work....So you can imagine what happened from here. As he asked I was immediately aware of at least 2 or 3 people in Spirit who were standing right beside him who wanted to talk & connect with him for his special day. So, I was able to bring through, with the help & support of my friend Val to interpret some information for me, both Oscar's brother & grandfather. As we finished up Oscar's phone rang & I immediately turned to Val & said can you ask if Mum is ok, if she has some medical issues & to let her know that she needed to relax a bit? As it turns out, the phone call that Oscar received was from his Mum so he was also able to pass on the love from his brother to her.

A few minutes later, the beautiful young lady Paula who had been sitting next to me, who only spoke Spanish & is a journalist, wanted to know if her Mum who had passed only 1 month ago was also there....Yes Mum was there but all she wanted to do over dinner was for me to sit with Paula & give her a hug to let her know she was there. Mum asked me to give Paula my number so that we can talk a little more privately so that she is able to go through her healing & allow the tears to flow....I love being able to bring through the love of Spirit in this way.

So needless to say, I was able to be of service last night & connect these two beautiful souls to their passed loved ones! Feeling truly grateful & blessed to be exactly where I am meant to be right now & to be the channel for love in the best way I know how! Please remember that your loved ones are there to support you & will often present themselves at special times in your life such as birthdays. If you would like to connect to a loved one who has passed, book in for a reading with me today!


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