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Signs it's time to Let Go

When you begin stepping into doing some personal and spiritual development, one of the things you may hear people say to you is ‘let go’...OMG what in the heck does this mean I hear you ask!

I often have clients come in for readings where they have goals, desires and dreams that they wish to reach and create, whether around love and relationships, business and finances, health and well-being or simply finding themselves again. Spirit will sometimes guide me to ask them to let go of thought patterns, old heavy emotions, fears or pattern of behaving in the world that are simply no longer supporting them in their journey to manifest whatever it is they want. When I share this with my clients, some of the most common things I hear in response is ‘I thought I had’, ‘I don’t know how’, ‘Easier said than done’ .... and I am sure there are many others that have been shared over the years.

So, I thought I would share with you some of the most common signs that might be showing up in your world to let you know that you might be holding on and that it is time to ‘let go and let flow’:

  • Life is filled with human activity, busyness and you find yourself always doing something

  • Trying to figure out the what’s, how’s, when’s, where’s and why’s (this is what is known as the Monkey Mind)

  • Feelings of worry and anxiety about the unknown

  • Fretting or feeling guilty about actions taken or not taken

  • Impatience and insisting that things ‘hurry up’ or ‘should’ happen faster, slower or stop

  • Expectations of what you or others ‘should’ think, feel, do, be achieving

  • Needing to know and control not only the outcome but how you will get there

  • Resisting the reality of situation, circumstances and relationships

  • Attachment to or clinging to a particular person, situation, outcome or solution

  • Anger or frustration that things feel stuck, stagnant or are not flowing

  • Actions to micro-manage people, situations or processes

  • Planning, analysing or calculating a way to manipulate the outcome

  • Unwillingness to trust and have faith

  • Body feels heavy and tight or tired and exhausted

So you have read through the signs...have you recognise how you maybe be holding on right now? Do you see a pattern in how you hold on?

It is important in order to learn, grow and expand to begin understanding how your body, mind and spirit are communicating with you that it is time to let go and let flow!


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