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The Conscious Learning Effect

During today’s walk with Spirit, I was drawn to thoughts on consciousness, self-love and the connection between learning something new, whether it is public speaking, speaking another language, dancing, singing, playing a sport, riding a bicycle, writing, drawing or to use a computer.

As I walked and blended with Spirit, I was drawn to thoughts about being ‘conscious’ and what that actually means versus being ‘unconscious’...and NO Spirit is not talking about the type of unconsciousness that for some of you takes place after you have had a few too many of the other type of ‘Spirits’ during a big night on the town with friends (while there are absolutely some similarities)....

When Spirit talks about being ‘conscious’ they are describing different levels and intensity of awareness to help you to understand the world around you - it is about what is taking place in the now, about being aware of the input and information you are receiving through your senses, whether it is through sight, sound, smell, feel, taste etc - Essentially, it is about being consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and knowing that you have a choice in the present moment about whether to engage in them or not. If you are what Spirit would describe as ‘unconscious’, you are suggested to be operating from a limited and weak state of awareness, where things can be masked or hidden from your awareness or conscious view. Essentially, they are suggesting that if you are operating from a state of being non-conscious, you have no idea of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours or the information that is being shared or processes that are taking place, which can disempower, block or hold you back from learning and progress in various areas of your life.

As we continue walking, Spirit shares with me today that there are generally three (3) limiting beliefs (specific negative, low vibrational thoughts or emotions that you have had over and over again) that can hold you back from learning something new, which is why it is so incredibly important for you to get consciously aware you see. These limiting beliefs are essentially around

  1. Love

  2. Security

  3. Self-esteem

Self-love, you see is where the key is....! Yes, Spirit is aware that many of you find it difficult to embrace this concept at times, yet they are asking you to simply be open to learning how to love you more too, because it is simply about putting your own needs, wants, desires first while at the same time respecting and honouring the needs, wants and desires of others. Spirit reminds me that when you fill yourself up with love first then you are able to function in the world in a more powerful way and begin to thrive and succeed at whatever it is that you choose to place your focused attention and awareness on.

As Spirit brings me back to the beginning of our walk and topic, they remind me that learning something new can be done from a space of love for yourself or to satisfy others expectations of you.This is where you are asked to have the confidence and courage to look at and take responsibility for your intentions in learning in the first place as well as your thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can become more conscious of them.

If you are learning something for yourself, from a place of self-love, then Spirit suggests you can ask yourself the following questions to support you in being more conscious in your learning:

  1. What do I believe about this? Essentially this will help you to get clear on and understand what your current beliefs are around it. For example, look at where you may be focused on lack, not having, not being able to do, not knowing, not understanding, problems, pain, stuck, failure, hard, struggle etc

  2. What do I need to believe about this? This is where you shift your focus to if you had the solution and can begin replacing your thoughts with new more position ones

  3. What will it be like to have this? Here is where you identify what it feels like once you have learnt whatever it is that you have chosen to learn. For example, you may feel confident, secure, successful, abundant, motivated, excited, happy, joyful, loved, peaceful, appreciated etc

  4. What do I need to do to bring this to fruition or to succeed? This is where you can identify opportunities that will allow you to step towards it. For example, time, resources, energy, stand up, confidence, take action, research etc

I hope you have enjoyed the insights shared around consciousness, self-love and the connection between learning something new as we walked with Spirit today, I know it is fantastic practical reminder to stay present, love you and to embrace your soul’s desire to continue learning and growing in whatever area you choose.

Come walk and blend with Spirit & I next time & see what new knowledge, wisdom and clarity they have to share with you.


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