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Kids Who See, Hear & Feel Spirit

During today’s walk with Spirit, I was drawn to thoughts about spiritually aware children and the impact that fear of seeing, hearing or sensing Spirit, whether Guides, Angels or loved ones who have passed over, can have on them.

As I began the conversation with Spirit about this topic, they reminded me of what I would see, feel and hear when I was a young child and asked that I share some of that with you. So here is just one experience that I had with Spirit.... When I was between the ages of 5 and 9, I remember going to bed at night with an overwhelming need to have a light on as a way of feeling safe because as soon as the lights went out I would begin to see, hear and feel what I know today to be Spirits of those who have passed over. When the room was dark, I would begin to see darker shadows of energy moving around the ceiling and room, sometimes coming up close to me as I lay in bed so that I would feel their presence, almost right up in my face. I would quite often pull my sheet or blanket up over my mouth and nose so that only my eyes were out...this I was hoping would protect me from whatever or whoever it was that I was sensing in my room. As this was happening I remember how my physical body would become tense and tight out of fear, feeling frozen and uncertain about what exactly it was that I was seeing, feeling and sometimes hearing around me and what I should do about it. Some nights I would gather my courage and strength and make a dash for wither my sister’s or my parents room hoping that they would be able to help me feel safe and secure (you know the whole safety in numbers thing....). I remember saying to my parents when I arrived in their room on those occasions that there were people in my room, yet was often greeted with a response like ‘there is no one in your room, go back to bed’. As a result of these early experiences, I had developed a fear of seeing, hearing or sensing Spirit which resulted in me choosing to block Spirit out (or at least I thought I did at the time) so that I could have a ‘normal’ life.

Spirit suggests that as parents of young sensitive beings, it is important not to dismiss what they are saying they are seeing, hearing and feelings, as this can often create patterns of insecurities and self-doubt which may continue into their adult years. If your child suggest that they have an imaginary friend, it may actually be someone in spirit coming for a visit, so don’t be afraid to explore and ask them questions about who it is as this will also help reduce their fear about communicating with them. I know that while children may be quite fearful of what they are seeing, hearing and feeling, they are also a very curious and because they are not aware of how spirit works, often unknowingly invite people in through their sense of wonder about who, what and why they have come to make themselves known. Also, be aware that sometimes their behaviours can change as a result of sensing Spirit, not always in a positive way as they struggle to understand what is going on. For example, some children can become quite anxious and shy, holding onto emotions, not talking about whatever it is that they are seeing, remaining silent about what a passed loved one is saying talking to them about as they may think that adults or other children would find them strange, abnormal and just plain weird. So it is important that you help to reduce any fear of Spirit, by educating, informing and preparing yourself so that you can help them to quickly become more in control of HOW & WHEN they receive information through the senses. Teach them that nothing should enter their energy field without their permission and that if they are seeing, hearing or sensing too much then they can talk to their Guides and tell them it is too intense, they are not comfortable and ask them to turn it down, slow things down so that they are more comfortable. However, if you ever get into a position where they do not feel like they can control what they are seeing, hearing or sensing, then it is important that you ask someone for help, don’t try to deal with it on your own.

Children have this amazing sense of wonder and awe at the everyday miracles and magic of life, their minds are open, pure and wonderfully innocent because they are not caught up in the day to day ‘stuff’ that we, as adults take on. As a result, children take the time to notice many things that adults may take for granted, for example a rainbow, butterflies, clouds, a pretty flower and of course, Spirit. One of the best ways Spirit has taught me to overcome the fear of connecting with them is to communicate with Spirit more often, so depending on the age of the child and how comfortable and open you are, encourage them to connect and talk to Spirit!


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