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Life is your Highway: The Power to be Authentic

As I sit here with Spirit, I am being drawn to write and discuss the concept of embracing and living from the Authentic Self. When you hear someone talk about being your authentic self, what does that mean? How does it feel, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What does it look like? What does it sound like?

​​Well, the truth is that embracing and living from the Authentic Self is simply about being able to recognise who you are, what you bring to the world and what it is that you have to give to others. Essentially, you are asked to connect with what it is that you are passionate about, what drives and motivates you in life, what is it in your life that allows you to bring out all the beautiful qualities of who you are so that you can embrace life with joy, happiness, love and a feeling of freedom.

Like many of the conversations that take place with my team of Guides, where I sit and ask for their guidance and insight on various topics, they love to provide analogies or real world examples

to help ground the information and insights they are sharing for you in the everyday world. Not only do these examples work incredibly well to help with understanding the practicalities of some spiritual concepts, it allows Spirit to demonstrate how the topic relates to the real world and therefore supports you in being able to ground your learning in the physical so that you are able to feel it, embrace it, authentically work with the energy and then share this with others.

Now when I asked my Guides to share wisdom with you for this article around how you can begin to embrace and live from your authentic self, here is what they had to share:

As part of the collective conscious, part of the all that is, we see each of you as light, as beings that are filled with pure source energy, who are sharing their light and being-ness with others as you move along what we would like to refer to as your highway of life. You see, you are like the cars that drive on your roads, paths and highways, with each of you moving towards the place that you intend, wish or dream of being, doing or having. When you step into your vehicle, you are sending a message to the collective, the Universe as some of you refer to this, that you would like to move towards the destinations or opportunities which fuel your passions, desires and bliss with faith and trust as you relax into your car.

As you begin to navigate your be-ing out onto the highway, you will choose a lane, a path as you say, that you wish to follow in order to move along in life with happiness, joy, love, success, fulfilment and freedom. Some of you will be very clear and direct in how you navigate your journey, others will chop and change lanes, some will enjoy a smooth, easy and free flowing ride and yet others will experience detours and challenges along the way. It is important that you allow yourself to authentically choose the lane that feels right for you, to keep your hands on the wheel towards your destination, to stay aware and present to all that is around you, yet remembering at all times that you are in control of and responsible for how you respond to the situations and circumstances you may be presented with, whether from your own thoughts, emotions or actions or that of other be-ings travelling either in your lane or their own.

As you move along the highway of life you are asked to simply respond authentically by trusting in the thoughts we give to you through your intuitive knowing, remembering that if the thought has been given to you then it is ready to be experienced or allowed into your physical world. You are also asked to honour your emotions, all of them, along the way, to use your feelings as the sign posts showing you when you are in flow and in your own lane or when you have drifted, moved or been required to move into another lane. When you are being authentic to your journey and in your lane you will feel the pure emotions of love, joy, happiness, abundance, prosperity, success and freedom, these will not be present if you have moved out of your lane as you will experience a mis-match between the soul’s knowing and your experience in your physical world.

It is important that you stay in your strength, confidence and power as you head towards your destination, whatever that may be, on your highway, for when you do you are plugged into your intuition, to Source and Spirit in a massive way and you will easily notice the sign posts we place on your path to guide you along the way. Remembering that we wish for your journey to be authentic for you and for you to have all that brings you bliss and happiness in this lifetime, we will also honour your choices along the way and allow you to overcome what you perceive as challenges, as their will also be gifts in these for you as well, in truth they are simply learning points in your growth in this lifetime.

If in this very moment you have a strong knowing of who you are and what is authentic for you, we give praise and appreciation for your willingness to embrace this and we do indeed shower you with the love, joy, flow and freedom that this brings. If in honouring yourself right now you are in a space of uncertainty about who you are at your core, who your authentic self is then we ask you today to simply allow us to show you where your lane is so that you can begin enjoying the highway of life more and can be in flow with the all that is, connected with your intuition and with the collective who are always present to guide you.

We sign off with our love and ask you to trust that our presence and support is always wrapped around you.

Channelled message from The Collective Consciousness, known as Abraham.


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