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Too Sensitive? Give Me Some Balance

During today’s walk with Spirit, I had the awareness and feeling that it was important to share with you how people who are sensitive to the energies (thoughts, emotions and actions of others) can become unbalanced in their own lives and some of the techniques which can be used to manage this.

As I sat and blended with Spirit, I was drawn to start writing about what it means to be an unconscious empath. Now for those of you who have not heard of this term before, allow us to explain in a little more detail so that you have some background and then we can get into the nitty-gritty. To put it in very simple terms, an empath is someone who is extremely sensitive to the energy and emotions of people, animals, places and sometimes spirits which may be around them. They are highly sensitive to people they are familiar with as well as those they do not know and are unfamiliar, total strangers, because they experience the world around them and feel what other people are feeling through their heightened senses and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Now as I am sure you can iimagine this can be both a gift and a burden for the empath, particularly if they are unaware of who's energy they are walking around with in the world.

If you are an unconscious empath, you may often internalise the feelings of others without being aware you are doing so and can be unconsciously influenced by others' thoughts, desires, wishes, moods and actions, often interpreting those feelings, thoughts and desires as being your own. People who are sensitive to energies like this are at greater risk of becoming un-centered, un-balanced and affected by those energies. For example, if you spend eight hours a day working with depressed, angry, confused or unappreciated people, chances are you will leave at the end of the day with some of that depression, anger, confusion or frustration. This is especially so if on a personal level you have emotions that have not been consciously acknowledged or have been suppressed or pushed aside. When your emotions remain hidden or unexpressed their effects are initially more subtle, yet when they remain unexpressed over a period of time they can affect your decision-making abilities. Now just like anger, confusion, resentment, fear or bitterness, if you are surrounded by people who are excited, passionate, joyful and loving this too can be contagious.

If you are an empath, the first step for you to take is to become aware of and come back to your own energy. The simplest way to do this is to grab a journal and over the two weeks begin to observe and become aware of what happens to your energy through the day. You can do this be using the following process:

  1. Start your day with a morning shower to cleanse and clean out any energy which does not rightfully belong to you, seeing, feeling and knowing that it is washed down the drain

  2. As soon as practical after your shower, write down how you feel physcially, mentally and emotionally

  3. Take a few moments to acknowledge the energy that is present and then write down if you recognise which energies are yours and which belong to others around you

  4. Before you step out into the external world, visualise or feel yourself wrapped in a bubble of pink light, representing unconditional love

  5. As you move through your day, focus on your breathe and being in the moment so that you can be present to any sudden shifts or changes to your energies

  6. If your energy shifts or changes from that which you wrote down in the morning, ask yourself if it belongs to you, someone you are with or if you have a spirit person with you

  7. If the energy belongs to someone else, living or passed, simply acknowledge this, thank them for sharing how they feel or where they are at with you and consciously give their energy back to them with love (you can do this by simplying having a thought to send it back or you can visualise it returning to them)

  8. Once you arrive back home, again write down how you feel physcially, mentally and emotionally and compare it to what you wrote in the morning

  9. Go back through your day to see if you picked up someone else's energies that you were not present to and again return it to them with love

  10. Once you have finished reflecting on your day, again havee a shower to cleanse and clean out any additional or residual energy which does not rightfully belong to you

As you complete the above process, you might notice that most of what you are feeling is fears, desires and emotions of others, if you do remember to give them back as you are not responsibly for healing or fixing them. This may also help you to recognise which people in your life ar habitually dump the most energy at your feet because they are unable or unwilling to acknowledge their own deepest needs, feels, thoughts and desires.


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