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You say Potato I say Tomato! What’s the difference between a Psychic & a Medium

Over the last few weeks Spirit has been making me aware of something quite interesting....I understand with the broadcasting of TV shows like Ghost Whisperer, Medium, The Long Island Medium and the popularity of well-known Mediums such as Lisa Williams and John Edwards, that the word “Medium” seems to be gaining momentum and popularity within the spiritual industry in particular.

As I sit with Spirit this morning, the first thing I am being asked to do is share with you the difference between what is commonly referred to as a “Psychic” and a “Medium”. A Psychic is someone who senses or gathers information, normally by tuning into the energy system of the person having the reading (the sitter), in order to provide guidance and insight into situations currently surrounding them as well as what may be approaching in the future. They will often use tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, pendulums etc together with their inner visions to gain further insights into where the sitter is at in their lives as well as about past and present circumstances in relationships, work, finances, home, business, health etc. A psychic reading ultimately helps the sitter to connect with their own higher self or inner guidance and enables them to see the path ahead more clearly. Alternatively, a Medium is someone who is a 'channel' (conduit, funnel) through which energy from the Spirit world passes to provide information (facts) to prove that our loved ones continue to survive after they have passed from this world. To connect and communicate with those loved ones in Spirit, a medium is required to lift their energy levels (vibration) so that they are more open to sensing and receiving communication. A mediumship reading may ultimately include information from the loved one about situations which are taking place in the sitter’s life and possible solutions, however, the intention is to bring through healing, love, compassion, forgiveness and to confirm beyond reasonable doubt that life continues after we leave the physical world as we know it.

As I continue allowing Spirit to bring through awareness for this article, I am being reminded of how many people of late whether it is via social media or in the press are referring to themselves as Mediums. As someone with a background in Psychology, Criminology and Teaching at Universities, I have spent many years learning and teaching about how to research, observation, critical thinking, awareness and understanding of various topics and of the importance of gathering evidence. As a result I place a very high value on integrity, facts and communication. As what Spirit refers to as a natural medium, I was born with the ability to connect with and communication with those in the Spirit world and have spent my entire life so far gathering information, researching, reading, learning and gathering facts and evidence about whether a person can actually connect and communicate with those who have passed in order to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, whether life does in fact continue after we leave this physical world. As someone who has also had many loved ones pass over throughout the years, I am can be pretty tough in terms of making sure that the information and evidence I am given in a reading is relevant, specific and accurately describes my loved one, as I want to know that they are with me and the one who is passing on the information! That is after all the role and responsibility of a Medium to not only their client, but to themselves and to Spirit.

Now, where is this article going you ask....well I want to get very very clear with those of you who are reading this about the importance of being respectful, honest and upfront with people about the difference between a psychic and a medium, and let me tell you there is a very real difference, you can feel it! Now, let me be clear and say that neither a Psychic or a Medium is better than the other, they both serve a very important purpose and are here to help you all learn, grow and expand in what every ways you need at particular points in your journey. What I do want you to be aware of is the important distinction between the two and for you to know what it is that you are looking for when going for a reading.

Here is what we would recommend you do.....check out their background, their physical world experiences and qualifications as well as what they do spiritually to develop themselves and to keep themselves accountable for undertaking their role and meeting their responsibilities to their clients, themselves and to Spirit. Read through their website to find out how they work, if the information is not there then ask some questions about how they read and what they believe to be the difference between a psychic and a mediumship reading. This will help you to be able to make a decision about whether they can help, let you know what to expect when you have your reading as well as make a decision about whether they are the right reader to be able to help and support you on this basis. Check out the testimonials they have received from previous clients and make sure they have ‘runs on the board’, particularly in terms of connecting people with their loved ones and that they are not just jumping on the band wagon and using the word “Medium” because it is popular and can help them attract clients.

Spirit wants me to also let you know that regardless of whether you go and see a psychic or a medium, make sure you know what to expect, that you are open minded and that you seek facts to confirm that the reader is in fact communicating with your loved one before they bring you through any type of message or guidance about situations you may be currently experiencing in your life, that way you know, beyond reasonable doubt that the information comes from Spirit and is right for you.


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