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Contract Review! My Soul Agreed to What....?

As I sat down this morning to begin my work day, Spirit guided me to pick up one of my many journals and to open it to a particular page. When I opened it, I found some interesting information I have been given back in August 2014 around the topic of Soul Contracts which I would love to share with you all today.

What exactly is a Soul Contract? Well Spirit has shared with me throughout the years that it can be considered to be something that is very similar to the contracts you have in your daily life, for example marriage contracts, employment contracts, contracts to buy a property or contracts with your banks or telephone companies. As I sit here with Spirit they are asking me to let you know that the only difference is that they are agreements that you made with Spirit or the Universe (whoever you believe in) that you may or may not be conscious of before you came into the physical world around certain experiences and areas in life you wanted to learn, grow and expand. So they are simply learning opportunities, which always come from a place of love, love for self, love for others and love for the Divine and most of the time they will be experienced by you as wonderful loving connections whether between partners, lovers, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, teachers etc, that help you to grow, transform and access unconditional love. Knowing the soul contracts you have will help you create a more successful relationship.

If there is a Soul Conract in place that you have not been able to consciously recognise or understand what it is that you meant to learn, these experiences can be quite painful and have a negative effect on your life, often presenting as blockages, detours, entanglements, patterns, fears or challenges that stop you from being able to achieve your goals, dreams and desires. This can obviously leave you feeling quite disheartened, confused and downright frustrated as it will have often caused unforseen and misunderstood ripples in various areas of your life. Whether you want to find true love, experience a committed partnership/marriage, make new friends, bring children into the world or be successful in business or have financial freedom and abundance, if you have tried absolutely everything you can think of to achieve your desired result, yet nothing, and we mean nothing, seems to be working.... there is more than likely a contract standing in your way, that is an opportunity for you to learn, grow and expand your awareness and way of being in the world. Remember that all experiences and situations are brought to you to support you in your growth and expansion.

Spirit has asked me to share with you what are considered the five (5) most common Soul Contracts you may have in place and what they are there to help you learn:

  1. Martydom: This is contract is all about you pushing your own needs, wants and desires aside to help other have their needs, wants and desires met, putting yourself below other people, finding it easier to say ‘yes’ to others rather than responding to their request with a ‘no’, doing things that are inconvenient or unpleasant just to please or help others and sacrificing your own needs, wants and desires in life for others. You are more than likely a kind, generous and warm hearted person and a contract like this one can leave you feeling frustrated with life, like others don’t appreciate you or just generally tired, drained and ready to give up on getting what you want. The opportunity you are being provided with here is to learn about self-love through the creation of healthy boundaries around what is important, loving and kind for you, ensuring that you place your needs, wants and desires first and learning to say ‘no’ to others requests, expectations and demands which are restrictive, unpleasant and unloving for you. The ultimate learning here is around knowing, feeling and being worthy of having all the love, joy and happiness that you deserve and desire in life.

  2. Loyalty: This contract is all about you standing by your partner, family, friends and colleagues etc no matter what they do or how they treat you, often resulting in situations where you feel like you have been walked over by those you love. This can create situations where you feel helpless or trapped when considering changing or leaving the relationship or situation because you do not want to feel like you are abandoning the other person. You may feel as though other people have a ‘hold’ on you, however, once you embrace and move through the learning around being loyal to you, to what it is that your heart wants, needs and desires you will be able to release these often toxic experiences and begin making positive changes in your relationships and in all areas of your life.

  3. Loneliness: This contract is most difficult one that can stand in the way of love. It is often experienced when you are looking for a soul-mate relationship in your life yet seem to have one relationship after another, for whatever reason fail, fall apart or end resulting in dis-ease, stress, sadness and heartbreak. It can also be experienced if you are currently in a relationship yet feel disconnected, lonely, separated, alone and unsupported. The learning in this contract is about not settling for less than what it is that your heart wants, needs and desires in order to feel and be fully supported and loved in your romantic relationships.

  4. Anxiety: This contract is around always feeling anxious, stressed, worried or nervous, whether it is around money coming in, work opportunities, health concerns, trust within relationships or in other areas of your life. The anxiety or worry allows you to be prepared for the worst case scenario, allowing you to feel safe, prepared and in control, that way nothing will be able to surprise you or hurt you again. The learning with this contract is around letting go of control, getting in touch with your intuition and trusting what it is communicating with you so that you are able to be more natural and easily flow with what it is that your gut (intuition) is telling you to be aware of. This is a much more enjoyable way of staying aware, feeling safe and being prepared for what is coming towards you than anxiety, which blocks your intuition.

  5. Rock the Boat: This contract is about being afraid or fearful of marching to your own drum, not wanting to break the rules or rock the boat as a way of protecting yourself through standing in the background and blending in with others around you. It allows you to reduce the risk of feeling ostracised, penalised, singled out, bullied or made fun of for being different or wanting different things out of life than those around you, whether your partner, family, friends, colleagues, teachers etc, making it very difficult to reach certain goals in life, such as build a successful business, become an expert in your field, write a book etc. The learning around this contract is to being allow yourself to be unique, embrace all of who you are and be willing to take the actions necessary to put yourself out there and stand out amongst others, that is to ‘Rock the Boat’ in your own way.

While there are many different ways that these learning opportunities, Soul Contracts, can present themselves in your life it is important to take the first step in acknowledging that there may be something deeper happening that is resulting in you experiencing blockages, detours, entanglements, patterns, fears or challenges and stopping you from being able to achieve your goals, dreams and desires. Spirit is asking you to begin gaining awareness today by simply writing down or journaling the experiences, situations or relationships which come to mind when you look at these common Soul Contracts.


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