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What is an Empath

An Empath is a person who is highly sensitive to energy and has the ability to psychically tune into and sense, feel and absorb information physically, mentally and emotionally about other people, animals, places, locations, situations and events. They act like sponges and are able to soak up other people’s true thoughts, emotions, physical symptoms and problems as if they are their own, literally feeling what other people feel, often unconsciously. The ‘unconscious empath’ often finds themselves overwhelmed, especially in crowds, shopping centres or during emotional turmoil, by the sheer quantity of information they receive on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Empaths’ are born this way, it’s in their genes, inherent in their DNA, and passed from generation to generation, sometimes making them feel like it is both a blessing and a curse! They are often very heartfelt, compassionate, caring, considerate, understanding and kind people who want to please and make other people happy as well possessing a deep sense of knowing. On the other hand, empaths can find themselves suddenly feeling angry, frustrated, depressed, sad or get a sudden headache, tension or other aches and pains in their body as well as sensations such as dizziness, nervousness, clumsiness leading others to describe them as being overly or too sensitive. The information an empath receives is sometimes confused and at times painful and negative as a result, some are quiet and withdraw themselves from the outside world, sometimes becoming recluses or resorting to drugs or alcohol to try and drown out the information they are receiving. They also have a tendency to be overweight, particularly in childhood, because they use their weight as a type of shield to protect themselves from other people’s energies.

Empathy is the easiest form of spiritual information to receive, but it is the hardest to define. It is important then for the ‘unconscious empath’ to firstly become aware of what they are experiencing, whether it is their own, from someone else, from someone in Spirit, from a location or something else. To do this, they must start with learning the Basic’s of Energy, what works and feels right for them so that they are able to manage, turn off and control the information they are receiving. It is also important that they create healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual boundaries so that they are more conscious of what they are experiencing in their everyday world and more confident in themselves.

A highly developed and trained empath has the ability of Clairempathy, the ability to sense or feel within themselves, the attitude, emotions, state of mind and aliment of another person or a being from the Spirit world. They receive most of their information and messages through what they feel and are able to interpret complex emotional information accurately and use it for specific purposes such as readings and healing work. Hence the gift part of being an empath! Empaths can work with their hands or through psychometry (touching an object or photograph) to pick up on feelings, emotions, sensations, visions or quick flashes of information during readings or correct and re-balance the energy flow within healings.


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